Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 29: Hurricane

After finding out she was pregnant, Ericka sat on a bench for a while. She wanted to figure out the best way to tell Zak about the pregnancy. She didn't want to sound unsure that the baby might not be his. She practiced her wording and expressions a little, and called him up. She told him to meet her at the Diner for some lunch together.

Zak arrived, right on cue. Now all Ericka needed to do was play it cool and sound convincing. She walked right up to him and told him that she was pregnant and they were going to be parents

Zak's eye's nearly bulged right out of his head. He's been wanting a baby and now his wish was finally coming true

Zak pulled Ericka in for a kiss and said that they were going to be the best parents, and this baby was going to be so loved

A few celebratory kisses later, Zak and Ericka made their way home to share the news with Bilinda and Brittney. Bilinda went through the roof. She wanted a grandchild and one was finally on it's way. Brittney was supportive, but she wasn't exactly enthused.

Bilinda then walked over to Ericka and felt her stomach. She couldn't wait to meet this baby

Zak went to the bookstore to buy himself and Ericka some baby books. When he came back home, he and Ericka were reading diligently.
Both Zak and Ericka finished their books at the same time. Before they would turn in for the night, Zak listened to Ericka's stomach. He was ecstatic to soon be a father

Zak had been at work all day. As soon as his shift ended, Zak rushed home. He doesn't want to miss a second of the pregnancy and wants to bond with the baby as much as he can before it's born. As soon as he parked his car, he sprinted all the way into the house to spend time with Ericka and the baby 

Hours passed into the evening. As Zak and Ericka were watching TV together in their room, Ericka gets to be in extreme pain. She jumped off the bed and screams that she's in labor. Zak jumped up and screamed that they should go to the hospital, but Ericka persisted that she have a home birth

Several hours of labor later, and Ericka finally gave birth to a baby girl. Zak and Ericka decide to name the new girl Olivia 

Zak picked up his daughter and held her close to him. He looked into her bright, new eyes and felt nothing but immense love and joy to finally have her in his arms

Zak called his mother into his room. He wanted her to meet Olivia. This was a joyous occasion, though Bilinda had to voice a concern to Zak. She said that she was out in the hot tub a few weeks ago and noticed a man was with Ericka. He was running off, so she didn't get a good look. At the time, Bilinda didn't think anything of it, but she felt that Ericka getting pregnant at around the same time that event happened was a bit too coincidental for her comfort. Bilinda hates to say it, but she thinks that Ericka may have had an affair. Looking at the baby, she's not 100% convinced that it's Zak's

Zak wasn't mad.....but he didn't think that his mother's concern could be legitimate. He and Ericka loved each other. There's no way this baby couldn't possibly be his. 

The baby was getting tired, so Zak tucked her into her crib. Once he got  downstairs and into the kitchen, the phone began to ring. Zak answered the phone. On the other line was a woman whom he had never known before. She said her name was Gracie and she was yelling at Zak that Ericka was a homewrecker, and because of Ericka, she and her boyfriend had broken up when she had just learned that she was pregnant with their first child. Then the woman hung up. Zak stood there, completely bewildered

He never once thought that Ericka could ever stray on him. He also thought that they were very much in love with each other. This woman could by lying, just trying to start drama because she felt like it. But this, coupled with the fact that his own mother brought up the very same thing a few hours ago didn't sit well with Zak. He called Ericka downstairs for a chat.

As soon as she arrived, Zak went on the accusatory and demanded that she tell him the truth if she's had an affair, and if she knows who this Gracie woman is. He also demanded to know that if she did indeed have an affair, who she really thought Olivia belonged to 

Ericka didn't take too kindly to these hurtful accusations. She was quick to defend herself and said she had no idea what he was talking about or how he got these ideas in his head 

But Zak couldn't take her word for it this time. When Ericka left the house to go God knows where, he ran upstairs and took his precious Olivia from her crib. He made his way down to the hospital for a paternity test 


  1. Utto. Who's the daddy? Is Gracey a liar? I was a bit early with my predictions but I was right. She was pregnant and it's not Zaks. Actually making it Zaks heightens the drama cause she can claim she told him so and he can believe her. It not being his would cause distrust and a different type of drama. Who here watches too much Desperate Housewives? lol.

  2. Oh, gosh what a cliffhanger! I can't wait to find out what happens! Poor Zak. He's been through so much. :(