Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 8: Babies, Tragedy and Growing Up

Time has now caught up with Fiona. She's soon on her way to becoming an elder. Will Dupre, her new husband that she's known close to a week now, wants a baby. This sounds like one crazy pickle. Fiona wants to give him a baby, but she doesn't want to be an elder who is pregnant with a baby. It doesn't sit well with her. It sounds too dangerous. So, they get the next logical thing. Enter Hayley Wolff. She is the sole child of Thornton and Morgana Wolff, who are bigwigs in this town. But Hayley has been a family friend for a while. She's only a little bit older than Bilinda. They ask her if she wouldn't mind being a donor mother. Hayley agrees, and Will gets her pregnant. Talk about a strange family dynamic

But she's happy to help, and agrees to stay in the house until the delivery.

Bilinda and Upton don't necessarily care for this baby endeavor, but who are they to deprive a man of a child? They occupy themselves with things they love doing. Bilinda with her juice mixing and Upton with his painting 

Upton is beginning to come into his own. He is a talented painter and he normally stays on the honor roll. On top of that, he has a job at the bookstore and has received a raise and promotion. Sounds like the boy is becoming business savvy. 

Hayley's pregnancy has now ended. She ended giving birth to a boy, which was named Avery 

Will was happy to have at least one kid in his life. appears that a close-to-elderly accident has happened 

Looks like Will is quickly moving onto baby number two. 

Time has quickly elapsed into Fiona going into labor. You would have thought Will has just learned where babies come from 

Fiona emerged from the hospital with a new daughter in tow, named Brooklynn Dupre 

The next day while working on a broken hot tub, more tragedy has struck this wacky family. Fiona died just like her first love Spencer. Electrocution 

The family threw a funeral reception at their house. All of Fiona's younger brothers and sisters and their children were invited to mourn her. Among those on the guest list was Brittney. Bilinda was heart broken that she was now an "orphan". Her father died the day she was born, and now her mother was gone. Bilinda collapsed into Brittney's arms and started sobbing 

Seems like Brittney has just had a birthday. How lovely. 

Bilinda had the job of getting the gravestone for her mother. She picked one out and it was placed next to Spencer's. Seems like some guy is there grieving at her grave. Bilinda knows exactly who he is............

After the familiar guy left, Bilinda placed a huge pot of flowers on her mothers grave and a small little flower on her fathers 

Bilinda's mourning quickly bubbled into anger. Why did BOTH of her parents leave her all alone? What did she do that was so bad to deserve this? She was now and orphan and no one seemed to care. She yelled everything and then some at their graves. She couldn't help but feel abandoned and betrayed 

After visiting the graveyard, Bilinda was mentally and emotionally exhausted. She was walking up to the door when she peered through the window and saw Hayley and Will teaching their babies. Will didn't tell Bilinda, but after Fiona died, he almost immediately married Hayley and she has since moved in. Great. Now she was being left out of her stepfathers life, too 

Seeing this happy exclusive family, Bilinda decided to just stay out all night. It's not like anyone could really miss her. She didn't really have a family now. She wasn't in a party mood, and decided to just read at the library 

After Bilinda's last day at school, she went back to the library. She didn't want to interrupt the happy Dupre family. There at the library alone, Bilinda aged into a young adult

Now that she is a young woman, Bilinda has decided to move out on her own. She desperately wants to take Upton with her, but she knows she's not ready to "raise" anyone on her own. Bilinda told Upton that he is more than welcome to move in with her once he's no longer a minor. Bilinda just wants time alone to figure out which direction she wants to take her life in. There's no one here to help guide her anymore. What's she gonna do with her life? 

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