Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 12: Family Drama

We are now shifting focus to Zak Dobson. 

After Zak barged through the door after school, he announced that he had made it on the honor roll for the first time. When Zak had first moved in, Bilinda was aware that Zak was failing school and also had behavioral issues with other students. Since he's moved into his mother's house, his whole demeanor has changed for the better. To congratulate him on his quick shift onto the honor roll, Bilinda asked him what he'd love for dinner. His reply was his favorite meal. Autumn Salad. Hmm..salad for a tough guy seems a little weird to say the least. But that's just how he rolls

Bilinda said she'd get to the meal in a minute, but she had something to tell Zak. She told him that tomorrow she and him were going to go to the the park so that Zak's father could have some visitation

Zak's reaction was like a volcano. He blew up at Bilinda and yelled that he NEVER wanted to see his father again

Realizing he chewed out the messenger, Zak apologized profusely. There was just so much about his father that his mother was completely clueless about 

She hugged Zak and said all was forgiven. However, he still had to see his father tomorrow. His father had rights to see his son

After school the next day, Bilinda decided to pick him up. Zak has been known to have a volatile mind and wouldn't be surprised if he ran off somewhere to avoid seeing his father. Even in a regular situation, if Zak wasn't kept track of, he would no doubt vanish somewhere

They drove across the street to the park to wait for his father, Carl Dobson.
After a few minutes of waiting, Carl showed up

Look familiar? He should. He was the one grieving at the gravesite  after Fiona died. Here's a little bit of catchup- After Zak was born to a teenaged Bilinda, Carl took off and married one of Bilinda's aunts. The aunt in questions name is Kinley. Even though what Bilinda and Carl had wasn't even close to a relationship, it still hurt her pretty bad that he would run off and get married, especially to a family member so quick after their child's birth. 

Moving on.....
When Zak saw his father, he immediately turned his back to him. He didn't want to see his face for one second 

To get the awkward silence over with, Bilinda walked over to Carl to chat. She suggested that they make these visits a regular thing, maybe Carl could even take Zak on the weekends. Carl butted in and said the only reason why he wanted a visitation at the moment was so that he could explain that he doesn't WANT to see his son. He said he's not interested in a relationship with Zak since they don't click on any level. Carl claimed that he didn't want to waste his free time keeping an eye on his trouble making son

Hearing the verbal lashing his reputation was receiving, Zak jumped up from the table and started yelling in Carl's face. He couldn't let his father make these claims to his mother that he was truly that awful to be around. He was only getting into trouble because his father never paid attention to him. In an emotion fury, Zak screamed for the whole world to hear that all his father did was throw booze-filled parties and have an endless string of women coming over in the wee hours of the night. Even though his father had a good job that paid great money, they lived in a shack. Even his little half-siblings were taken away and placed with Kinley's oldest daughter, Elena because of the bad environment. But because at the time Zak was teetering on becoming a teenager, CPS didn't care to take him out of the house and place him anywhere. Zak was stuck living with a party monster of a father, pretty much raising himself. He's been wanting to live with his mother for a long time now

And with that, Zak ran on home. Infuriated with his father, hurt and slightly embarrassed by his own behavior, he just wanted to go home

Bilinda stood there in shock, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She only let her son stay with his father because she felt that, as a teenage girl, she couldn't provide enough for her son. She placed him in Carl's care because she thought that Carl cared about him and he would have been more inclined to give Zak a better life than what she could have given him. Guilt rushed over Bilinda like a wave. Seeing Zak flee the scene like that was too much for her. She looked over at Carl and said he never had to worry about seeing his son again. The distance between them would be for the best. 

Bilinda drove on home. Zak was upstairs in his room, wanting to be alone. Bilinda decided that chill-out space was for the best right now. He needed to calm down. But a few hours passed, and the home phone rang. On the other line was a hospital personnel. They said that they had some bad news. They had Carl, and he was in an awful car accident, and he had just passed away in the hospital. After she hung up the phone, she called Zak down

She sat him on the couch and started explaining to him what happened to Carl. She wasn't sure how he'd react, so she tried to prepare herself for anything

Hearing the news, Zak hopped up from the couch and said he was happy his father was dead. He essentially had an awful relationship with him. Maybe the relationship was indeed beyond repair, but Bilinda knew why he was so angry. He truly did love his father and was afraid to show it in fear of getting hurt again. He was a hurt kid and didn't know how to express his pain any other way than by blowing up at people

Zak started running up the stairs to his room before Bilinda even had the chance to tell him that Carl had left him 16,000 dollars in his will


  1. Poor Zac, too late for him to change his mind about getting to know his dad.

    Carl didn't seem like a very good dad though. Showing up just to say he never wanted to see his son again was a bit much.

  2. Yikes, and I thought I knew drama.He was a pish poor dad, that's for sure. I love the drama.