Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 25: Cinderella's Big Score

The next morning, Zak was in his room talking to his mother. On his mind was having a baby. Sure, he's young, but he feels like he's ready for one at this point in his life. He asks his mother not to say anything to Ericka, as it's something the two need to discuss themselves privately. Zak told his mother he was going to ask Ericka on a trip he was planning. It was going to be a bit of a late honeymoon surprise 

But Bilinda wanted a grandbaby so bad. When Zak left to go study at the library for his handiness, she called Ericka into her and Zak's room and started questioning about when she and Zak would bring a baby into the world. Ericka was a bit surprised at the topic at hand. The two had just gotten married the previous day. Ericka simply said that she wasn't ready for a baby right this moment, but it would happen sometime in the future

Even though she just told Bilinda that it would happen in the future, that was nothing but a farce. She didn't want to be that tied to Zak. She wanted him at an arms length and nothing more. But thinking about the "benefits" of having his baby, Ericka was starting to sort of change her mind.....

As the day rolled on by, Ericka went on a major shopping spree. She bought roughly four highly expensive cars, and the fanciest hot tub she could find. When Zak came home from studying, he was a bit peeved. Ericka didn't even have a job. She sits at home all day watching TV. Heck, Zak hadn't even started his own job yet. In essence, Ericka was spending thousands and thousands of Brittney and Bilinda's money. However, Ericka knew how to persuade Zak into forgiveness. She invited him into the hot tub and things got steamy 

The next day rolls on by. After lounging around the hot tub with Bilinda, Ericka had an idea pop into her mind. She wanted to throw a swanky party. Once the impressive guest list was invited, she asked Bilinda if she would make crepes for the party

Bilinda gasped at the prospect of cooking for such a posh crowd. She said she'd be delighted. After all, Bilinda could even get more business coming into the Bistro if these swanky people were impressed with her cooking

As the day turns into night, Ericka slipped into a tiny, simple purple dress. She went into the attic and brought down a bottle or two of Nectar. If she wanted to impress these people, she had to offer them the best 

The reason being for the party is the connections that Ericka could make. Only the elite people in town were invited to the party. People that ranged from professional authors, surgeons, chefs to astronauts, CEO's and Chairmen were selected to attend. Ericka wants to live the high life, and she's not going to let the opportunity pass her by.

The first guest to show up was Deena. Ericka didn't like the idea of having her over since she and Zak are close friends. She didn't want the chance that Deena would try to steal her man and ruin her life.  But she was an important figure in the community, as she was quickly becoming one of the most sought after surgeons. Swallowing some pride, Ericka walked over and schmoozed with her a bit

Once more guests showed up, one in particular caught Ericka's eye. It was a man with bright, red hair. Everyone in Sunset Valley knew this guys name, Einstein Alvi. He was an acclaimed author who had written more best selling novels than you could count on both hands. He was the cream of the crop. If she could get in good with him, there's no doubt she'd be set for life. Ericka walked over to him, introduced herself and thanked him for coming to her soiree. They hit it off famously and even spoke about current literature 

Ericka decided to push the envelope a little. She started flirting with him and he seemed to be into it, even though he was in a committed relationship

Soon, the flirting escalated and they were kissing 

Ericka had plenty more in store for Einstein. However, the party had ended before she could jack up the heat. Luckily, the whole family wasn't at home. Her little secret would be kept, at least for now. 

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  1. I was wrong, but I like this story better. Poor Zak. Will he be left holding the baby?