Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chapter 16: A Joyous Occasion

It's a nice Friday morning where everyone is either at school, or at work. Except for Upton. His work hours have been treating him well lately. While Upton was in the kitchen getting something to eat, the phone started ringing. On the other line was Hayley Dupre, the woman that married Upton and Bilinda's step-father, Will Dupre. It was strange to get a call from either Dupre, so Upton assumed something was up. Hayley told Upton that Will had passed on from old age. Even though they didn't really have a relationship, it's always a somber occasion when someone passes 

Once Bilinda arrived home from work, Upton told her the news. Her reaction was virtually the same as Upton's. Sad that a life has ended, but that's where it ended. Bilinda started chatting about Hayley. She saw her announce a pregnancy when she was at the Bistro with her friends. Apparently, this baby wasn't Will's. Hayley had married the baby daddy once Will was officially pronounced dead. What a woman. 

After all of the death talk, Zak came home with more wonderful news. He has received yet ANOTHER promotion, and a 600 dollar bonus to go along with it. Even though he was telling everyone within earshot, his focus was on his mother. He desperately was looking for her support, approval and acceptance

Hearing that her son got another promotion, Bilinda's eyes nearly bulged out of her head with excitement. He was working so hard, and she could tell

While they were both reveling in his promotion, Brittney came in through the door as her shift at the graveyard has just ended. Right as she entered the house, she hugged Bilinda. Zak was happy that his mother was in a loving relationship, but it irked him to see her and Brittney get along so well. He didn't like sharing his mother, and he was a little over protective. But he just got reunited with his mother not too long ago, and he didn't want to share her completely yet 

The next day after Upton got off of work, he invited Fiona over. However, she showed up and started puking on their front lawn

Fiona explained that there were a few people over at her and Bilinda's work that were falling ill. Upton told her to stay the night so he can keep an eye on her. If she needed any medical help, he was gonna be right there with her. 

Bright and early the following day, Fiona reassured Upton that she felt MUCH better. She chalked it up to being a 24 hour bug. Heck, she was feeling so great, she and Zak were practicing their martial arts together. Upton interrupted their training and told Fiona that he had a surprise for her. He got down on one knee and proposed marriage to her 

Fiona couldn't help but get teary-eyed. She has been dreaming about this moment since she and Upton got together. They were madly in love with one another, and she couldn't wait for them to get married

Discussing their wedding, Fiona said she didn't want a fancy shmancy wedding. None of her family lived anywhere near Sunset Valley and she didn't have many friends. She wanted a wedding with just herself and Upton. At first, Upton wanted to challenge that. He had plenty of family here and he thought of several business associates he'd love to invite to the wedding. But he decided to respect her wishes. It may have been hard for her to get married without any family or friends present. 

With news of their engagement, Fiona stayed another night. She had an inkling of what "bug" she may have had and took a test at the doctors office. She found Upton outside and said she was never sick, but that they were expecting their first child together 

Upton's stomach dropped. He had just gotten engaged the night before, and now he was going to be a father. Having heard of their impending child, Upton took this as an incentive to have their private marriage now. He and Fiona went out into the garden and exchanged vows

Once the vows were said, Upton thought it best to move his new growing family into a house of their own. He ran upstairs and told his sister Bilinda all of the great news.  He hugged his sister and told her that they were moving, but not to worry. They were going to be moving in right across the street 


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