Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 27: Climbing

Zak's first shift ends in good news. He got a promotion the first day on the job. Needless to say, Zak was pretty excited to be getting a pay-raise and for getting one step closer to astronaut status

Zak found Ericka, in their room watching television. He announced to her his first promotion. Ericka's eyes widen. Kaching! More money in her pocket. Of course, she's smart enough not to say that out loud. Instead, she congratulates Zak on his promotion

Zak then tells her to get dressed up, because he's going to take her out to dinner to celebrate.
They enter the Bistro and had a very delicious meal. After dinner, Zak collected 9,000 dollars from the restaurant. Ericka logged this into her memory. She knew the Monahan's were very well off, but she didn't think that being a chef could possibly rake in that kind of money. They must own a business or two. 

Outside, Zak was asking what Ericka's dreams and aspirations were in life. He politely tried suggesting a job to help her figure these things out. After all, he didn't plan on him and his family living with his mother for the rest of their lives, and they needed to start getting some income of their own instead of relying on Bilinda and Brittney. Zak had just started his job. He wasn't going to be rolling in the money just yet 

Ericka agreed and said she'd try to look for a job soon, but no promises. 

The next day, Zak was already at work. Ericka came up with the idea to claim that she had a "job" when in fact she didn't. She walked outside the the hot tub where Bilinda and Brittney were relaxing. Those two practically lived in the hot tub anymore. Anyway, Ericka said that she had landed a part time job and she had to go in for her first shift. They wished her luck, and Ericka was on her way. 

Ericka couldn't help but laugh a bit driving into town. She had no job. Why should she work herself to the bone when she could live off of the Monahan estate?

Driving, she finally arrived to her destination. Einstein Alvi's house so she could pick up where they had left off at the party, and that's exactly what transpired 

Ericka was making herself rather comfortable at Einstein's place. But she noticed the time. Zak would be coming home from work soon, so she kissed Einstein goodbye and said she'd come back later 


  1. What a ho'! I feel for Zak...

  2. "hot tub anymore." It's odd I had to reread it 3 times. Sorry to be a pain.

    What Ace said. Slut. I still don't get her motive though. Onward.