Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 2: Coping and Various other Happenings

Declan was thinking about ways to help his sister, Fiona cope with the loss of her husband, Spencer. He remembered a few years ago that she said she had wanted to go to France. Fiona was really interested in Nectary, and would have loved to work on the skill hands on in the place that started it all. Acting on a whim, Declan booked her a flight to France. When Fiona arrived home later that evening, he surprised her with the ticket and said he'd stay home and watch Bilinda for her. Fiona was overcome with his surprise. She didn't feel like she deserved much of anything right now. But, she accepted and was on her way to France. She hugged her brother goodbye and thanked him for being so grateful 

Once her flight landed, Fiona headed straight towards the Nectary. Browsing the racks, someone working there offered her the chance to use their machines to make her very own nectar. Fiona jumped at the chance, and she was taken to a back room where they had a few machines set up. After receiving her directions, Fiona dove headfirst into making Nectar 

After her Nectar had been made, she quickly dove into the freshly made bottle, where several of the Nectary's workers and shoppers had also tried her Nectar 

Fiona tried her hardest to enjoy herself, but Spencer was still lingering on her mind. She knew he would have enjoyed a trip to France and would have loved to try everything the country had to offer. Since she couldn't shake Spencer out of her mind, she flew home after only spending a day in France. But....she just couldn't fake enjoying herself. She needed more time, just mourning. Not a ton of activities planned out for her to do.

Arriving home, she explained to Declan why she was home a few days earlier than planned. She just wasn't ready, plain and simple. Declan understood, and still offered to watch Bilinda whenever she wanted to be alone. Fiona wondered how she got such a sweet brother as Declan.

The next day was Declan's birthday. He was officially an adult 

Declan has always been very taken by Martial Arts. Fiona decided that for his birthday, he would be going to China solo. 
He was stoked, but asked a few times if Fiona was sure she was ready to be alone. He didn't want to abandon his sister if she still really needed him. But Fiona assured him that she was now at a level to where she could function, and that was about as good as it was gonna get for a while.

Declan then headed out for China. Arriving in a park, Declan couldn't help but show of his snazzy poses he learned while taking martial arts classes in high school

There was a woman watching him. She appeared to be very taken with him. Upon seeing her, Declan walked over and introduced himself. He learned that the woman's name was Lao 

Declan was one of the most hopeless romantics anyone could possibly meet. He couldn't help but immediately start flirting his goofy little heart out

Declan took a chance, and kissed the girl. Turns out, she's one feisty flirt herself!

He wasn't sure if he was delirious or not.....but he felt a strong connection towards her. Declan sure didn't want to be committing to a person he just met...but he couldn't help himself. He asked Lao if she would be interesting in being his girlfriend 

She accepted, much to his surprise. Lao, jokingly said that she was a martial artist aficionado and would LOVE to be with him. He scratched his head wondering if she was serious. If she would be with anyone that was a martial artist, he would have no choice but to bail. Declan has never been one for smarts, and it took a few minutes for the joke to sink into him that it was indeed a joke.
This made Lao be even more interested in him. Having a guy whose a bit of a goon was a lovable quality in her eyes. 

After chatting a bit, Declan had a question he wanted to ask her. They had nearly everything in common. At the same time, Declan didn't want to act irrationally, but he wasn't sure when he could possibly see her again. So, he got down on one knee and proposed to Lao right on the spot

Declan's trip soon came to a close. He promised Lao that they would be married shortly. When he came up with the money to fly her out, that's when the wedding would happen.

Once home, Declan told Fiona everything. He was engaged to Lao and he couldn't wait to marry her. Fiona was shocked to say the least. Her little brother was an adult now, who was engaged to be married. She couldn't believe how grown up he was.

Months passed and Declan finally had enough cash to pay for a one way ticket for Lao. 
He called Lao and gave her all of the information she needed. She then told Declan that she'd love to get married a few hours after her flight came in. Surprised because he thought she'd probably need a good rest, agreed to it. 

While Fiona was decorating the bigger house they had just bought, Declan called all of his family over for the impromptu wedding 

With everyone invited, Declan and Lao got married 

Declan and Lao promised Fiona that they'd move out quickly, once they got their bearings together. They didn't want to be a burden to Fiona and her daughter. But Fiona reassured them, and said they could stay as long as they possibly needed. She was excited to have a sister-in-law. 
Even though Fiona didn't know Lao too well, she could tell that she was a keeper for her brother. Lao had an intriguing sense of humor, and meshed well with Declan's goofy personality. They were a match made in heaven. Seeing this, Fiona couldn't help but wonder if maybe there was someone else out there for her....but thinking that made Fiona feel awful. If we are all alloted one soul mate, how could she ever find happiness again in another relationship? Fiona was beginning to feel like she was cheating on Spencer with these thoughts alone. Is it even possible to cheat on a person who's no longer alive? 


  1. I'm glad Declan found love. Nice chapter, looking for more.

  2. I feel so sorry for Fiona, but YAY for Declan! :-) I hope Fiona finds someone else, she seems so lonely...