Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chapter 15: Lovely Babies

Upton has been working at the Corporation for a while now. He's a hard worker and is only five promotions away from reaching the top of his career. But there's some talk at work that has started to fester in Upton's mind. Everyone is speaking about their relationships, children and expecting new babies. This was an aspect of his life he's been ignoring for a while now. He has met a lot of wonderful women that could make wonderful wives and mothers. Thinking about them, Upton's mind goes on back to Fiona. Even though they have an open relationship, there wasn't much of a reason why they couldn't take it to the next level. Fiona has stated that she's not one for commitment at the moment, but it's been a while since she's said that. Upton decided to invite her over and talk to her about it. It couldn't hurt to ask, right?

Upton had met Fiona on the steps to his house and asked if she wouldn't mind staying the night because he has some important things to discuss with her

When they walked inside the house, Upton stared at her and stroked her cheek. Looking into her eyes, he could see a beautiful future with her. He asked her if she'd reconsider them being exclusive

Much to Upton's surprise, she accepted. Fiona said that the same thing had been on her mind. Fiona had been promoted to catering, and she's catered plenty of engagement parties and weddings. That is what she wants, and she believes Upton can offer her everything she's ever wanted in life

Zak came home after work, and walked into his room to lie down on his bed and relax. But, when he opened the door, he was shocked at what he had seen. His personal space has been renovated into the babies nursery 

Bilinda rushed into the room to talk with him. She had planned to speak to him about it before he saw it because she didn't want him to freak out. Bilinda explained to him that this room was the only one large enough to hold two cribs. She didn't plan to change anything while he was gone, but she realized that the due date was getting awfully close. She said he could have the spare room right next to this one

But it appears that Bilinda doesn't know that Zak is male. The spare room was moreso on the girly side than what he was looking for

After Bilinda heard Zak huffing, she walked in the room and realized it was more feminine than she had remembered. She told Zak that he could renovate the room and she'd pick up the tab for it, and money was most certainly not a factor. Zak got decorated the room exactly how he saw fit 

Even though his mother picked up the tab, Zak was still ticked off that no one even asked him if they could use his room. He doesn't have much, but his room has always been his domain and no one even seemed to care. He feels that this is a sign of his impending future of being pushed away like trash. But he didn't want to think like that. So, Zak went outside to relieve his frustrations by breaking some boards 

Much to Zak's surprise, he noticed his mother was standing behind him, cheering him on. You would have thought that he was at a competition instead of his backyard. Even though he was mad, and more specifically mad at his mother, he couldn't stay steamed for long with her cheering for him like that 

It was roughly 10:30 p.m. the next night when Bilinda suddenly went into labor. No one in the house had ever seen anyone go into labor before, so the house quickly turned into chaos

Bilinda and Brittney decide that their best option was to go to the hospital. If Bilinda was already in labor, Brittney was more than likely going to go into labor soon

While Bilinda was still giving birth to their son, Brittney suddenly went into labor. A short while after Brittney went into labor, Bilinda finally gave birth to their son. Four hours after their son entered the world, their daughter was born

They promptly put their son Minco, and their daughter Nita in their cribs 


  1. I love the nusery. I keep forgetting you're int he Bunches house then I'll see pics and go wait that's so and so... Oh yeah I forgot. *ditsy me*

  2. Poor Zac, booted from his room.
    The babies have a nice place though.