Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chapter 14: Surprises

Today has been a tumultuous day in the Monahan household. Bilinda has been having a puke-fest all morning 

Brittney had felt fine all day, and was getting worried for Bilinda. Then, while Brittney was working in the garden in her underoos, Brittney started feeling nauseous as well

Being that both of them were under the weather, they scheduled an appointment to the doctor the next day. Their nausea wont end, and they're getting nervous. They've never felt so sick before in their lives.

Once Brittney got off of work, they drove to the hospital for their appointment 

After being poked and prodded like animals, they got their results back. They were both pregnant! They even got to know the genders. Bilinda was carrying their son, while Brittney was carrying their daughter. They were both ecstatic. They both wanted children with each other, but they weren't expecting it to be so soon. Regardless, their family was gonna be added by two

Bilinda couldn't wait to tell Zak the good news. She felt he would be a terrific older brother. But he was busy, being at school and all. And after school, he had to hightail it to work until nine. Bilinda anxiously waited for him the whole day, sitting on the couch. Once she heard Zak approaching the house, she popped off the couch like a rocket and flew to the door. However, Zak was making a commotion about some news of his own. Bilinda told him to go first. Zak announced that he had gotten his first promotion at the bookstore

Bilinda was shocked to say the least. She knew her son could succeed, but she never expected the success to come so soon. Once her heart rate calmed back down, she hugged him and told him how proud she was of everything he's been accomplishing.

Now, it was her turn to share her news. Bilinda said that both she and Brittney were pregnant, and Zak would be getting a new brother and sister

Zak's face sort of fell, but not to the point where Bilinda noticed. He pretended to be happy quickly after his face briefly told the real story buy putting on a fake smile and giving his mother the good 'ol thumbs up of approval. However, this news was making Zak feel like a mini tornado was going on in his head. Where would he begin to fit in? With one new baby, that would be difficult. But two? In a way, Zak was happy. He was happy because it made his mother happy. But he still couldn't shake the feeling that he may be cast aside. He became a bit somber and numb inside since he felt his time in this family may be running out, but tried to push those feelings aside on the outside and contort his face into happiness for his mother

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  1. aww, poor Zac. I'm sure your mom will still want you to be there.