Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 21: Girlfriend, Meet the Family

After school, Zak noticed that Ericka Koffi got a great makeover after he had seen her at the Bistro the other night. Zak hated to admit it, but he's feeling a bit shallow. With Ericka's new look, he's hoping her conversation may have improved. But the only way to find that out was to go strike up a conversation with her, which is exactly what he did. With some casual talk of school, Zak then offered to drive her home, which she accepted and thanked him for being so kind

When they pulled up to Ericka's house, she invited Zak in. Zak started flirting with her the second they had made it into the entrance hall. Zak wasn't sure what was making him be so bold with a girl. He had really grown to like Ericka in the few minutes they had gotten to know one another, but he felt a connection with her like he had never felt with anyone before. Zak wasn't sure if she liked him, but he figured she wouldn't flirt back if she thought of him like a friend. If she rejected, he would pull the "I'm joking" card. But, Ericka was flirting with him, too. That must mean that she likes him...right?

Flirting a bit, Zak asked if he could spend the night. After he asked, he made sure to tell her that he didn't have anything dirty on his mind. He just didn't want to go home. Zak explained the whole situation with his step mother, and Ericka said she understood and she let him stay the night. Ericka said she could relate on some level. Her mother had remarried and she and her step father weren't too close. It wasn't nearly as strained as Zak and his step mother, but hey. She could relate a little 

When he was allowed to stay, Zak went back to flirting with her. During the flirt-fest, Zak thought about kissing her. Deciding to not let the opportunity slip by, Zak swept in for his first kiss

Much to his surprise, Ericka didn't pull away. Zak had never thought much about the dating world. With girls, Zak had always been introverted. They never seemed to show any interest in him, so he never thought anyone would want to date him anyway. But, he really liked Ericka. They just clicked with each other. Zak decided to ask her if they could be boyfriend and girlfriend. Ericka smiled, and accepted. And with that, they sealed it with a kiss 

Now that the two lovebirds are in a relationship, Zak has begun to tell Ericka that he is happy that the two are together. He explains that he's never had anyone he cared about before, care about him back. He hugged her and didn't want to let go

Back over at the Goth Manor, Brittney is happy that Zak isn't home. She loves having it the way it is now, just her wife and children. Brittney is giddy with the hope that once Zak hits young adult in a few days, that he'll move out. Good riddance, Zak!

It was now the next day. Zak had driven himself and Ericka to school. Bilinda decided to go outside and try some martial arts since she was so impressed with Zak's super cool Karate skills. Surprisingly, she broke a board on her first try. Her board breaking was interrupted when Zak called Bilinda on her cell phone. He told Bilinda that he wanted her to meet him at the school once it let out because he really had to discuss some things with her. He said it's been something he's been needing to tell her for a few days now. Of course Bilinda said she'd show up

School had just let out, and Zak was waiting on a bench for his mother

Bilinda showed up some odd minutes later and sat down beside him. He started going into depth about his and Brittney's altercation at the theatre. Zak figured Bilinda should know. He didn't want Bilinda thinking that he was purposely being difficult with Brittney, he just wanted the truth aired out once and for all

Bilinda was surprised by what her son was saying. She never pegged Brittney to be the type to be so cold and abrasive towards her son. Bilinda apologized for her freak out when she blamed Zak for leaving Brittney. She also praised him on trying to work on having a decent and cordial relationship with Brittney

Before they left, Bilinda said that she would approach Brittney about her awful behavior. Surely this can all be patched up. However, Zak thought that this was going to be a mistake. He didn't want to cause anymore drama within the household. It was already uncomfortable enough in the house as it is. Bilinda reassured him no drama would start, and he shouldn't worry. She said she'd have his back 100%

When they got home, Bilinda went looking for Brittney. She had found her lying on their new bed, so she joined her. Bilinda said that she had spoken with Zak, and that he claimed that she was very rude towards him after the concert had ended

Brittney, for what ever reason, had no shame. She said she just didn't like Zak. End of story. Brittney said that she was anxiously awaiting his birthday so he could be kicked to the curb. She'd never have to see his face again

Hearing these callous words infuriated Bilinda. She flew off of the bed and started finger wagging, and yelling in Brittney's face. Bilinda said that if Brittney didn't care about her son, or at the very least, respect him, she'd have no choice but to leave Brittney. She would fight for her son to the very bitter end

The words resonated with Brittney. She had recalled her own childhood with her father, Mort. He was just as mean and unpleasant towards her as she had been to Zak. Her face had fallen, and she realized what she was saying was so wrong and unnecessary. Brittney was on the verge of tears. She hated knowing that she made him feel as awful as her own father had made her feel

Immediately after Bilinda had shouted, she apologized to Brittney. Not for her words, because she meant those to the fullest extent, but she apologized for yelling. She should have said everything much more calmly. Yelling would get everyone absolutely nowhere

Brittney said she was the one who was sorry. She took Bilinda's hands in hers and apologized for her awful behavior. She would patch things up with Zak and not to worry about a thing 

Brittney found Zak downstairs in the kitchen and said she was sorry for how rude she was. She wanted to get to know him better, so she asked what he was thinking about becoming once he hit young adult. Zak said he was still considering enlisting in the military. He was dreaming of becoming an astronaut and said that the money also sounded lucrative 

Once Zak and Brittney's chat was over, Zak went in search of his mother. He found her at the fire pit out back. He took a seat and asked his mother if she wouldn't mind making Boulibase and Key Lime Pie for dinner tomorrow

Bilinda agreed, but she asked him what the occasion was. Zak said he wanted to introduce his new girlfriend to the family over a nice dinner. Excited, Bilinda told him that she'd go shopping for the ingredients in the morning. 

On her way to the grocery store, Bilinda dropped Zak at school. When she came home with the groceries, she went ahead and made the key lime pie and put it in the fridge to chill 

Brittney came moseying in the kitchen and asked why Bilinda was cooking so much. Bilinda said that they were having Zak's new girlfriend over for dinner tonight and told Brittney to pretty herself up for the dinner 

When school let out, Zak rushed home and did his homework. Then he called Ericka to make sure that she was still coming over to dinner. 
Bilinda tried to rush and complete the dinner. It seems it's taking her a bit longer than she had originally anticipated 

Dinner was finally completed as Ericka walked in the door. In order to get to know this girl more, Bilinda and Ericka sat at the bar to eat and chat. For dessert, everyone gathered at the table to spend some time getting to know and get comfortable with each other

Ericka got up and thanked the family for a lovely dinner. Bilinda said that they should do this more often and that Ericka is welcome to come over anytime she wants. Once Ericka had left, Bilinda was working herself up into a tizzy. She said that she knew Ericka was great for Zak. Bilinda kept gushing and cooing to Zak at how perfect they were for each other. Bilinda was getting even more overzealous when she said she couldn't wait for Zak and Ericka to get married and to give her grandchildren. Zak threw up his hands and said he didn't want to hear that. That was just pushing it and it was far too soon to even be thinking that far into the future 


  1. lol. This was was great. I love some of the expressions here.

  2. I'm so glad that Brittney realized that she was in the wrong. That was great! You know, as much as she looks like Morty, she's actually a really pretty girl!