Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 24: Wedding Bliss

Zak wastes no time at all proposing. He just asked Ericka to move in with him and his family and now he's asking for her hand in marriage. Ericka doesn't hesitate to accept as this is exactly what she was wanting. Poor Zak, he doesn't even realize that he's putty in Ericka's hands

A few hours after the proposal, Zak spreads the good news to his mother. Bilinda is both happy and somber. She's happy because her son has met the woman of his dreams, but she's also somber because he's growing up so fast. It was a lot to take in, but she congratulated him non the

Bilinda loves weddings. She used to cater a lot of them early in her culinary career, knowing that she has some expertise in this particular area, she asks Zak if she could be the wedding planner. Bilinda wants to make sure that he and Ericka get the wedding of their dreams. Zak agrees to this and said that his mother would be perfect for the job. Now they're getting into discussing the menu, location and the color palettes 

After discussing it with Zak, Bilinda sat on the couch with Ericka to talk about the wedding. Ericka interrupted and told Bilinda that she wanted her and Zak to get married ASAP. Bilinda was a bit shocked. Great weddings take time to schedule and organize. But Bilinda just chalked it up to Ericka being excited to settle down with Zak and start working on their lives together

Bilinda decided to call up the family and tell them to go to the waterfall because Zak and Ericka were getting married....today, in only a few short hours. Hope someone informs the groom.

Zak was a little flabbergasted that the wedding was taking place today, when they had just gotten engaged. But it is what it is.

Brittney walked up to Zak and asked if she could play the piano for the wedding reception. She really wanted to be a part of his big day. Zak was thrilled that Brittney would like to be involved and he agreed that it would be great

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Ericka had purchased a full wall mirror. While everyone was occupied, she tried on the dress she thought she'd wear to her wedding. She just loved looking at herself in the mirror. Before she changed back into her regular clothes, she gave herself a reassuring glance at her reflection. So far, her plan is going swimmingly 

The wedding was three hours away. Bilinda started cooking the dinner, which the couple decided on Shawarma 

Once Bilinda was done preparing the dinner, she headed on down to the waterfall to set up the tables 

Now it was time for the wedding. The first person to show up was Upton. Upton walked over to Zak and congratulated him on getting married

The next person to show up was Zak's half brother, Courtney. Since they had been reunited, they've been staying in contact, chatting with each other everyday. Zak started gushing about the wedding and how he was looking forward to starting a wonderful life with Ericka

It was time for the actual wedding. Zak and Ericka walked up to their small "arch", and exchanged vows and rings 

Now was their first dance as husband and wife. Too bad it wasn't a slow dance......

The wedding and reception had drawn to a close. All of the guests had a fun and happy time. After taking a snooze from all the wedding bliss, Zak woke up and enlisted in the military online 

At the end of the day, Minco and Nita aged into the cutest children

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  1. Wow Erika wasted no time. I think she's pregnant and it's not even Zaks but his half brothers. Okay so I like a little drama in my life. Sue me. The twins are too cute and they actually look like they could be twins.