Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 23: Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating Into Young Adulthood

Bilinda and Brittney's infant daughter, Atepa, aged into a cute toddler 

Now onto the actual story.....

Since Zak was two days away from becoming a young adult, he invited Ericka over for a sleepover. Zak wanted to have a buttload of fun before he became an adult, since he knows he'll have tons more responsibility 

The night has now transitioned into a brand new day. Zak and Ericka drove to school an hour early so they wouldn't be caught in the morning traffic. While Brittney made her way into the kitchen, she noticed on the bulletin board that Bilinda and Zak's birthdays are only a day away

Brittney started thinking about what to do for their shared birthday. She didn't want to copy exactly what was done for her with a surprise birthday, but her options were very scarce. Brittney decided she didn't care if the parties were similar, she was going to do what she wanted for them. She knew what their favorite meals were and decided to serve the two their favorite meals for their birthday. However, Brittney had always left the cooking to her chef wife. Zak's favorite meal was salad. Brittney could do that. That meal was going to be easy. The meal she was going to have issues with was Bilinda's. Bilinda's favorite meal was pancakes. It's something she could probably eat 24/7 if she could. Brittney hadn't touched a stove in years. Pancakes sound simple, but not to her. To brush up on her dormant cooking skills, Brittney headed over to the library. Hopefully, reading how to cook was going to help her cut down the chances of setting the house on fire

Learning a thing or two about pancakes, Brittney made her way home. Brittney had settled on throwing them both a small, intimate party with just the closest family and friends. Zak hadn't yet arrived home, and Bilinda was on the phone to one of her friends. Brittney saw this as the perfect opportunity to find out who's Zak's friends were. Being the computer whiz that she is, Brittney logged onto Zak's computer and hacked into his contacts. While sifting through his things, Brittney was saddened to see that Zak didn't really have any friends. The only other person besides Ericka that Zak was close to, was a girl named Deena

Brittney sat there and contemplated things for a few minutes. Would inviting another girl be wise for Brittney to do? She didn't want to get Zak in trouble with Ericka, but surely it was acceptable for guys to have female friends.

Once Bilinda had gotten off the phone, she went to find Brittney. When she found her, she had noticed Brittney was acting a bit more odd than usual. To ease her mind, Bilinda went to the graveyard out back to sit and think. She began trying to decipher Brittney's odd behavior 

Today is now the last day Zak will ever have as a teenager. After school, Zak made it his mission to stay out all night. It would be the last time he could ever claim that he had broke curfew. He goofed off around town and went to see a movie. After the movie had ended, Zak started striking up conversation with passerby's. Getting a tiny bit bored of that scene, Zak called Ericka to see if she wanted to hang out all night with him. But, she said she was busy. Zak was fine with flying solo on his one last rebellious mission. Once he hung up the phone, he noticed his friend Deena was there. She gave him a hug and wished him a happy early birthday. She said she would have loved to hang out with him, but she had to make her way to work

Zak was still out galavanting around town, and Brittney once more logged onto his computer. She couldn't believe that he had zero other people that would like to attend his birthday. She decided to sign onto his instant messenger this time. The messenger had a list of every kid that attended the same school as Zak, and she noticed that there was a kid on there with Zak's same last name of Dobson. Brittney decided to message him and pretend to be Zak

Courtney Dobson was the guys name. Turns out, Courtney is Zak's younger half brother. Courtney was a bit surprised that "Zak" was talking to him since they hadn't seen each other since Courtney was a toddler when he was taken away from his biological father. He was one of the few kids that were placed with Elena, Courtney's much older half sister. Brittney decided to invite Courtney to the birthday party, and he accepted. She just hopes that these two had gotten along and that there's no bad blood for not keeping contact. If there was, Brittney just ruined his special birthday.
After she logged off the computer, she went into town to buy Bilinda and Zak's gifts.

It was nearing 3:30 in the morning when Zak finally arrived home. He was pumped that today was his very last day at school

Now it was past eight in the morning. Zak was already at school, and Bilinda was sleeping in. Brittney decided to go ahead and make Bilinda's meal while Bilinda was still asleep. To speed up cooking time, Brittney packed in all of the ingredients for the pancakes in a giant mixer 

Once the batter was mixed nicely, Brittney was a bit lost on the stove bit. She eventually figured out how to turn on the stove, but when she started cooking the pancakes began smoking a little 

Thankfully, they were not burned. 

Brittney chose to make Zak's salad closer to the party time, which was at five. It would have been sad for the guy to eat soggy salad on his birthday. 

It was now close to four, and Brittney made Zak's salad. Zak still hadn't come home, and he's usually here by now. Brittney called him and said to be home in ten minutes. 

Upon coming home, Zak noticed two birthday cakes sitting on the bar. Zak couldn't help but get a little emotional. He knew his life was going to drastically change 

All of the guests started showing up. Well, all of them besides Ericka. Zak couldn't believe that his own girlfriend hadn't showed up for his birthday. 

Then, the surprise came for Zak. Brittney walked up to Zak and told him that someone special was waiting outside for him. Zak naturally assumed it was Ericka, but it wasn't her. Zak bolted down the driveway to see his half brother Courtney standing there

Zak was surprised to see Courtney. They hadn't seen each other in years, and Zak wasn't even sure if Courtney would even remember him since he was taken away so young. To get reacquainted, Zak shook his brothers hand and invited him inside 

It was now time to blow out the candles. Even though Zak was nervous to get started in the grown up world, he knew there were some great things that came with growing up. Zak shifted his mood from sad, to excitement 

When Bilinda was just about to blow out her candles, Ericka finally showed up for the party 

Brittney was aware that today was also Ericka's birthday. She had bought an extra cake in case Ericka showed up. Now, it was time for Ericka to grow up

Once all the guests had went home, Brittney led Bilinda upstairs for her gift. They had a spare room in the attic, and Brittney had turned it into a painting and reading room for Bilinda. 
For Zak, Brittney had bought him some handiness skill books. Since he was serious about being in the military, Brittney knew the skill would come in handy for him.

Zak still had Ericka over. He asked Ericka if she would move in with him and his family, and she said yes

But unbeknown to Zak, Ericka isn't moving in for love. She has other motives on her mind to use Zak for