Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 20: Feelings Repaired and More Blows

Bilinda has been pulling in TONS of hours lately. Every person she serves at the Bistro compliments on how attentive she is and of course they compliment her amazing cooking. Hearing the rave reviews she pulls in, her boss promoted her to be their 5 Star Chef. Bilinda was happy. Being a professional chef is something she's been aiming for since childhood. Her promotion came in on the weekend, which is the only time of the week she now has off. She clearly showed her disdain

Bilinda was hoping that she and Zak could have had a day out together, but she doesn't get off work until seven. She could call in  for the day off, but this is her first day on promotion. That would make her look incredibly bad. Before Bilinda headed out the door, she told Zak to meet her at the Bistro and to show up there at seven. She had so much to talk to him about. The neglect he was feeling, the low sense of self and the odd relationship with himself and Brittney. He had written that he felt that Brittney secretly didn't like him and was putting up a facade so Bilinda would be none the wiser. Bilinda really needed to address that to him. She knew that couldn't possibly be true.

To pass the time, Zak did a lot of things. He practiced his Martial Arts, played with Minco and studied handiness at the library. Zak was somewhat thinking about his future, and was leaning towards enlisting in the military. But, that was still uncertain. He just felt it best to be a little prepared 

Zak was beginning to wonder what his mother was going to be saying to him. Would she agree and help him through his rough feelings or maybe she'd laugh at him and make fun of him....? 
These things were making his anxiety get all flustered up again. He couldn't wait around at the library anymore. He walked from the library to the Bistro. Sure, he was a tad early, but that was okay. As long as he was there. While waiting, he ran into a girl that he attended school with. Her name was Ericka Koffi, but Zak got the impression that she was a bit of an airhead. Not interested in their conversation, he ended it by simply walking away

Roughly half an hour had passed, and Bilinda's shift was finally over. Bilinda told him that he needed to change into his fancy little suit. He did, though he thought it was odd he had to change, seeing as she was the one that decided to eat in an upscale restaurant in her workout gear 

They walked into the restaurant nervous, but they emerged from it happy as can be. Bilinda told him she promised to spend more time with him and to put him first more often. And that he and Brittney just needed to bond more. Bilinda said that there was no way that Brittney could have a dislike for him. Before they went home, Bilinda hugged him and let him know how much she loved and appreciated him.

Zak was happy the air was cleared. He felt like he finally had one person in his corner. He knew his mothers life was busy as she was married, had a busy and bustling career and was raising more children. But he was ecstatic that she was finally going to be making time for him and his life. That was truly all he really wanted from her. 

Arriving back at the house, Zak went to bed. Bilinda and Brittney were lying in their bed and Bilinda told her everything from their dinner. Bilinda suggested to Brittney that they spend a little more time getting to know one another. Brittney was the step-mother, yet she and Zak hadn't really gotten to know each other since he moved in. 

Heeding Bilinda's advice, the next day Brittney asked Zak if he'd like to go to a concert with her. Music was something they both had in common. Zak was surprised that this was happening. They only said "hi" to each other passingly by in the hallway. They'd never once done anything together. Zak said he'd love to, and they decided to see a local band playing at the theatre later in the evening 

In the bathroom, Bilinda was secretly taking a pregnancy test. She has been feeling nauseous, and it was a feeling she knew all too well. The test came back as positive. Bilinda decides to wait to tell the family once they're done making their plans

Hearing that Brittney and Zak's conversation had ended, Bilinda thought it best to tell them about the pregnancy now. She walked into the room and announced it to the both of them. Zak felt ambivalent towards the news, and Brittney was in complete shock. They weren't even planning for a baby at the moment

The concert wasn't for another few hours, so Zak took the opportunity to lie in his bed and reflect on the news of yet another baby. He and his mother had just patched things up together. Another baby could possibly ruin that. He and his mother got along fine when the twins weren't even born yet, but he was pushed away once they arrived. Once more, Zak was feeling a bit anxious about everything, but he did his best to trust his mother. That's all he could do

5:00 p.m. The time of the concert. Zak and Brittney hurried on over to the venue while Bilinda went to the hospital to determine the baby's gender 

The concert ended a few minutes ago, and Zak and Brittney could not have drifted further apart than they had just now. Their outing was an awful disaster. The two even emerged from two different doors

There was one more thing Brittney had inherited from Mort besides his Manor, and that was the horrible attitude. After the show, Brittney told Zak he was one of the most boring people she had ever met, and she was happy to never have to do this again with him. Zak was infuriated with Brittney. He couldn't stand the sight of her, so he took off home without her. Brittney didn't care, as she saw Fiona was there and she decided to chat with her for a bit 

Bilinda had noticed that Zak came home without Brittney. The pregnancy hormones must have taken their toll on her as she flipped out at Zak and was chastising him for leaving Brittney out there all alone

Zak was shocked. She didn't even ask WHY he was home without her, she just jumped to conclusions. Why was it not Brittney's fault, and only his? Zak tried to tell himself it was just his mother being an insane pregnant woman, but deep down, he wasn't sure. Maybe these were her true colors after all. 

Later on, Brittney finally came home. Bilinda rushed into her arms and told her to buy another pink bed because they were having another daughter together. They jumped right on that and placed another pink bed in the nursery, right across from Nita's 

Earlier in the night before Brittney had arrived home, Bilinda had made some Nectar. Bilinda thought this was the perfect time for a glass of Nectar with the news of the gender. She served it and she and Brittney had a glass. However, Brittney told Bilinda to quit drinking since she was pregnant. Better be safe than sorry. Bilinda decided to comply with Brittney, so she quit drinking the Nectar. Though, Bilinda shot her a dirty look. Nectar was something Bilinda loved to drink and she hated it when people would tell her to stop

Bilinda went outside to make more Nectar. She couldn't drink it, but she could make tons more for when after her daughter was born. Zak was also outside, practicing his Martial Arts. All of a sudden, Bilinda stopped making Nectar and told Zak that she was going into labor. Zak quickly stopped what he was doing and started having a panic attack

After calming down, Zak leaped into action and pulled a car up to his mother and drove her to the hospital

A few hours passed, Bilinda finally gave birth to a new daughter. Atepa Monahan 

Zak was still a bit hurt, though. There was a ton of tension between himself and Brittney. His birthday was in eight days. He'd be an adult. With all of the stuff going on in his life, what path would he carve out for himself once he became an adult? 


  1. oh the drama. And with that I say good night.

  2. Poor Zac, it's a whirlwind life for him at the moment.

  3. Poor Zac. Brittney can't help it, being a Goth and all. Their nasty attitude is hereditary. *lol*