Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chapter 18: Too Much

After the school had called, Bilinda thought that she'd wait until 9 that night to start looking for him. The reason being that she wanted to scour around his work a little bit before, during and after his shift. Bilinda was convinced that if he were alright, he'd make it to work. He loved making his money too much to skip out on it. If he never showed, then she'd call the police. Once her plan was concocted, Bilinda walked upstairs and into Zak's room, then she lied on his bed. Not seeing him for so long was killing her, but being in his room was helping her not lose her mind completely 

9:00p.m. was approaching, so Bilinda hopped into her car and made her way to the bookstore to begin looking. As she was getting out of her car, she saw him. Zak was fighting with some guy named Dax Alvi. Not surprising. Zak used to fight all of the time. Bilinda immediately ran towards her son

Even though Bilinda was happy to see her son alive, she had to yell. She was beyond angry that he'd do something to intentionally worry her. When he got in front of him, she started screaming. She told him that she had been worried sick wondering if he were dead or alive and if she'd ever see him again. She barked at him to get into the car for the drive home

Zak had never seen his mother act like this before. It was beginning to scare him a little, so he complied as quickly as he could and hopped into the car 

When they had walked into the living room, Bilinda couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She started bawling her eyes out, and Zak held her. Bilinda has been living the nightmare of not knowing where he was for close to two days now. Zak sure didn't think that she'd react like this

While still crying, Bilinda asked Zak where he had been, and why he hadn't been home. Zak said all that he did was chat with random people passing by on the street and for sleep, he'd sleep in the park on a bench. Zak said he just didn't feel like coming home, so he didn't

Okay, now this was making Bilinda even more mad. He didn't even call because he didn't feel like it? That was NOT going to fly. She knew there was more there that he wasn't telling her. When she told him to go in depth about why he didn't want to come home, his eyes glanced to Brittney for a quick second and he told his mother that he'd explain things when he felt comfortable doing so. 

Now that Bilinda got as close of an answer as she was going to get, she let the hammer come crashing down. She told him that he wasn't allowed to leave the house at all, except for what she allowed. After work, Zak was to come home right after. Then she sent him to his room. She couldn't look at him right now. He was beginning to worry her

Before he went upstairs, Zak did his best to apologize to his mother. He didn't mean to make her feel like this 

When Bilinda heard Zak's door meekly close, she started breaking down again. She hated yelling so much at him, but that seemed to be one of the only ways he ever actually heard her. Brittney did the best to console her. Truth be told, Brittney was a bit over of all of the attention Zak was getting now. She looked in Bilinda's eyes regardless, and reassured her that she did the right thing, but Bilinda wasn't so sure. Why was her son acting like this? She felt like she was beginning to lose him and wasn't sure how to fix it

Secluded in his room, Zak decided the median in which he would talk to his mother. He decided to air out all of his feelings by a letter. He hopped on his computer and let his heart spill through the keyboard. It was the least he could do for Bilinda. She was his mother, and she deserved to know how he felt

Before Zak went to school the next day, he popped the letter into the mailbox. He was hoping that his mother would be the one to check the mail and not Brittney. He was beginning to feel unnerved by it now. What if Brittney did check the mail? Zak did his best to shake it from his mind. But honesty was most definitely not in his forte, but that letter was the most honest thing he's ever written. But now he's beginning to fear if his mother would even truly care what he had to say, let alone understand 


  1. Poor Zak, even teens need to get attention too.

  2. I'm glad Zac was ok. But he and Bilinda need to air things out, just the two of them.