Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 1: The beginning of a Legacy

This is Fiona

Out of five brothers and sisters, she is the one chosen to start a Legacy of her own. 
Here is her story.

Fiona has been involved with a guy named Spencer since her teen years. They've known each other since Elementary school, where they quickly grew to be very close friends. At a party Fiona had when they were teenagers, they realized how much they've really cared for one another. Could he be the other half of her Legacy? The answer to that question is yes.

Spencer is a great guy. He wants to make a great living for Fiona and himself. She is really the only person that he can see himself with for the rest of his days.

They quickly moved in together. But after spending a few nights at Fiona's parents house, she felt it was really time for her and Spencer to fly the coop. But she wanted to bring another person along with her. Her younger brother Declan. 
They quickly found a relatively cheap place to call home, just the three of them 

After settling for a bit, Fiona and Spencer got really acquainted with one another 

Fiona's parents always taught her to wait for "the one", and she knew Spencer was the real deal. She was hoping that they would be married soon, and that they could start on a family of their own. 
It was her huge dream to have the perfect family with the perfect man.

It was later the next night where Fiona was feeling a bit ill

Could she be pregnant? Fiona was a littler nervous about that idea. Just a few days ago, she graduated high school. The idea of having a baby so young was a bit scary. Is she even ready to be a mother? All of these fears and questions started popping up into her mind. She couldn't help but feel a bit scared. If she was pregnant, would Spencer even want any part of it? It would no doubt be his.....but would he be ready either? Fiona didn't want to think about that too much. She knows that he loves her...but at the same time, she can't help but wonder if maybe this could be a test of their love.

Spencer had noticed that Fiona was vomiting a lot lately 

He remembered their woohoo, and he was beginning to fear pregnancy. But he was gonna stick by her if it were true. After her stomach settled down a bit, Spencer walked into the bathroom and asked Fiona if she would marry him, right next to their toilet.
Laughing, Fiona agreed. Getting married in her bathroom after a night full of puking certainly wasn't the wedding she had imagined all throughout childhood. But the marriage took place regardless

They were now Mr. and Mrs. Monahan. 

After a few days, their suspicions were true. They were going to be expecting their first child together. Even though they were a young couple, and they had plenty of fears, they knew loving this baby was definitely not gonna be a challenge. It was theirs to love and to raise together. 

Fiona's stomach was ever growing. Spencer loved listening for the baby, and feeling it kick 

Even though they wanted to keep the gender a surprise, they were both hoping for a daughter. Spencer thought having a daddy's girl would be one of the most fulfilling things in his life, and Fiona was just craving for another female in the house. Having a daughter she could teach girly things to was something she wanted to have. 

The day had come and gone, and Fiona went into labor 

The young couple had their wish of a daughter. They had already picked out a name. Their new bundle of joy was named Bilinda Monahan. 

Quickly after the birth, Spencer was electrocuted and died on the spot

How could this be? Fiona was now widowed with a newborn baby girl. On top of that, she was also raising her younger brother, Declan. Fiona had everything, and her life was looking great. She was married to the man of her dreams, and had a beautiful daughter with him. Now, it all was ripped out from under her. Why did this have to happen to her? She wasn't sure if she could possibly make it without the man that she believed to be her soul mate....but she realized she didn't have a choice. She had a daughter to raise. For Bilinda's sake, and for Spencer's sake. But what was she gonna do now? 


  1. Awwww, poor Fiona. Starting off a new life with the man she loves and a baby - now she has only the baby.

    Good start, looking for chap 2.

    Nicarra60 / PiB

  2. Wow...I really like it a lot! :-) I will definitely be a regular reader!