Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 6: Endings and New Beginnings

Fiona and Mort are taking the good with the bad. They've been getting along for the most part, but their marriage is in jeopardy. Why does Mort have to be such a vindictive buttmunch? That question may never be answered, but they've been lying in bed discussing working on their marital issues

Fiona is politely discussing his temper. Maybe anger management would be a good place to start. But you know men, they cannot admit a fault even if it's as plain as day. Mort quickly left the house in order to go to work. But looking at the clock, he isn't even supposed to be there for a few more hours. Boy.....this is turning into quite the bumpy ride. He wont even allow his own wife to help him out. Ughh....

Mort finally shows his face at home. He's been gone longer than he should have. Why in the world would he say he wants to work on stuff if he's gonna bail the second they start discussing his problems? Whatever his issue is with that, Fiona wasn't having it and promptly gave him a swift kick in the arse 

Mort, being the big baby that he is, started crying and complaining about everything. He even started blaming Brittney for everything. Poor kiddo. But this is proving to Fiona that Morty doesn't give a flying pickle about their marriage. She wisely broke it off with the Goth

After the divorce was final, she kicked him out. However, he wanted custody of his son, Sparrow. Fiona didn't really want her son with such a grumpy tuchus, but Sparrow was proving to be like his father with each passing day. She kissed little Sparrow goodbye and said she would have visitation with him. End of discussion. Out the door they went

Mort was a little remorseful, but of course that didn't last long with him. He was back to being his sulky self about town. Staying single, of course.

Onto more birthdays! Half-Egyptian Upton aged into a child 

Now, today is a VERY special day. Bilinda is gonna enter those crazy and unpredictable teenage years. Fiona still fully owned the Grind, and thought that would be a great place to throw a birthday party for a soon-to-be teenager. 

Upon arriving at the Grind, Bilinda would have rather choked herself out than have a big party. She would have been more than happy spending her birthday fishing in her swimming pool

The party must go on! The Grind provided her a birthday cake, and the child went behind the fully stocked bar to age up into a lovely teenager 

HEYOOO! She turned into quite the striking beauty 

Bilinda realized that being a teenager wasn't too bad, and neither was the Grind. In fact, she seemed to take nicely to the party scene 

Bilinda was lucky that this was the weekend. She has most definitely caught the party bug. 

Fiona is beginning to detest being alone. So, she did what any normal woman would do. She went out to the park and had a shotgun wedding to a police officer. The officer in question is named Will Dupre

Bilinda didn't even realize her mother's new squeeze. She's been too busy club hopping. Okay, maybe not club hopping. There are only two clubs in this town. The Grind, which her family owned, and the Aquarius. Regardless of this partying definition, she's been living it up whenever the clubs open their doors

Bilinda really can't get enough of the juice. She's been practicing her mixing skills since she could reach the top of the bar 

Is this party girl gonna live it up, or what? 

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