Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 9: Secrets

Bilinda has chosen a lovely house to move into. It used to belong to the Bunch family, but with the death of Judy and Jack Bunch, all of their kids decided it would be best to sell the house. 

Right when Bilinda moved in, she had TWO house fires. The fireplace isn't safe. It really isn't. But it makes for some interesting life-gambling, so it gets to stay.

After Bilinda unpacked, she sat down and started watching some cooking show 

She had remembered she loved baking as a child, and she has now chosen her profession: A Chef! 
Once the show went over, Bilinda went on down to the Bistro and applied for a job, which she got. Her shift would start the very next day.

It was Bilinda's first day on the job. Check her out in her uniform

Boomshakalacka! She looks like a hobo. But at least she looks very proud of herself.

Hours passed of her SimGod doing nothing since Bilinda lived alone, and Bilinda's shift finally ended with a promotion to Spice Runner. A promotion the first day on the job? She must be a hard worker. 
Bilinda called Brittney up with the news and Brittney was so proud of her. Brittney, being a Goth, has worked at the Graveyard since she was a teen. There really isn't much of a future in that. But she was proud that Bilinda was one step closer to reaching her culinary dream.

With news of the promotion and raise, Bilinda asked Brittney if she would move in with her. Brittney of course said yes. 

It's been a few weeks since the two beauties have shacked up together. For the most part, they've been having a great time together. But something is beginning to test Brittney's trust of Bilinda. She's noticed that Bilinda has been spending at the very least 500 simoleans every week or so. She knows that Bilinda has always had a bit of a juice addiction, but could she really be spending so much cash on juice?  If she is, she's gonna enter liver failure mighty soon.  But this juice theory flies out the window when Brittney hears Bilinda on the phone, telling the person on the other line that she can't pay the 500 for a few weeks since she has some fire damage repair to take care of 

Brittney decides to wait a few days and see if Bilinda will tell her where all of their money is going. Surely, this amount must be going somewhere important and Brittney should be informed. But that time never comes, so Brittney bites the bullet and asks Bilinda herself 

Bilinda assures her that the money is going to a place that needs it. A very important place, and not to worry. Bilinda will give her the full explanation, but she's not gonna tell her now. Brittney says that she can wait....she just can't wait forever for an explanation.

It's been an ominous day today. Very quiet. Then, the phone rings. Brittney answers it, only to get news that her mother has passed away of old age 

Bilinda was right there in Brittney's corner. Brittney was there when Bilinda's mother passed away, and now she's there for Brittney in this trying time

Brittney explained she was never close to her father, Mort. He was always yelling and screaming at her for every little thing. And when her parents got a divorce, her mother got custody of her and her father never bothered to show his face again. She was close with her mother, and was going to miss out an all of the stuff that they never had the chance to do.

Letting some time go by for Brittney to try to move on from her mother's passing, Bilinda had a very important question to ask Brittney. She asked her if she would marry her

Brittney was jumping up and down with glee. She knew Bilinda was the one. They were now happily engaged 

However, there was still one issue Brittney had. Bilinda's secret......


  1. Oh my secrets. We must know. So much drama. I'm hooked.

  2. The girls still look lovely together. But what is that expensive secret - and did it have anything to do with the throwing up the other day?