Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 10: Wedding and Secrets Revealed

A night after the proposal, Bilinda and Brittney started planning their wedding. They have decided it would take place next week, on Sunday. All that was left to discuss was the guest list and venue 

Their wedding planning was interrupted when Bilinda gets a call from her former stepfather, Will Dupre. He says he's having a huge party and would love for her to show up. Bilinda's party girl jumped at the chance to go, even though she was rather taken aback by him of all people inviting her over. 
Once Bilinda showed up, she headed straight for the dance floor 

There was even a woman dancing on the counter

This party may look fun and crazy. But that is the furthest thing from the truth. There were only three people dancing, and Will was fast asleep in his bed. Some party host.

It was close to a week, the wedding date. They still haven't picked a venue. There was only a day left to plan everything to the T. That, and other things were on Brittney's mind. 

She decided to approach Bilinda once more. Brittney demands to know where the money is going. She said that she wouldn't feel comfortable marrying her until she knew what was going on. It would break her heart to call off the wedding, but she was just protecting herself. She didn't want to be used for money 

Bilinda reassures Brittney once more that the money is going to a nice place. She will tell her once the wedding is all said and done 

Brittney reluctantly agrees. The whole after marriage thing is making her sweat a bit. She doesn't want to be stuck in a marriage just to know where money is being transfered. On top of that, Bilinda is out of her tree. What she considers a "nice place" may turn out to be the exact opposite. For whatever reason, Brittney has in-stored some blind faith in Bilinda. Lets just hope Brittney doesn't get the raw end of the deal because of it.

Later in the day, the pair get dressed and start scouting out wedding venues. The two happen on the beach where Bilinda insists that they get married. Bilinda's grandparents were wed here several decades ago, and has a lot of sentimental value to her

They agree and begin setting everything up for their big day.

Now, it is FINALLY time for the wedding. A lot of the family was, of course, invited. When Upton arrived, he aged into a young adult and was very handsome 

Upon Upton's arrival, Bilinda's offer still stood for him to move in. He accepted. He couldn't stand living with Will. 

The exchanging of rings is now here. Bilinda being the insane nut that she is, decided to get married in her swimsuit 

They were officially the Monahan's. The wedding was official, so Brittney asked the answer to the money question. Before she could answer, Bilinda called over a guy named Zak Dobson

After the two were introduced, Bilinda told Brittney that Zak was.......her son

Brittney's jaw hit the floor.She asked how, since Bilinda was on the young side for a teen son. She explained in high school, her drinking at various clubs made her a bit of a loose girl. The only other person that Bilinda had told (besides the father) was her mother, Fiona. After giving birth to Zak, she made the hard, but conscience decision to hand him over to his biological father. The father had a good job and good income. On top of that, he was older and more willing and able to raise a child than a high school mother. All of the money was going to Zak for Child Support. 

Now that everyone knows, Zak asks if he can move in with his mother. His relationship with his father has been nothing but strained.  Without skipping a beat, Bilinda said yes. 
Here's a closer look at Zak 

Bilinda was acting as if she was on cloud nine. Not only did she get married, but she also reconnected with her brother and got custody of her son. This day couldn't get any better for her. 


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  2. I'm hooked and I saw a family member in the making. So cute. I'm loving it.

  3. Nice wedding - my goodness, a son that old? That's amazing.