Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 7: Discovering Yourself

Today is yet another birthday. These kids seem to be growing up so fast. Now, it was time for a party. Upton is now aging into a teenager himself. Fiona felt that this was the prime time to have a family reunion of sorts. So, everyone was invited. Even Sandy French. Those two have a sordid past. Fiona and Sandy were  both chasing Mort, which Fiona had obviously won. But after Mort went for Fiona, Sandy married her little brother Shannon. Her brother sure was an ignorant fool for marrying such a wench..but moving on.

The party was set, and everyone came to it. Even Sparrow came over, aged into a child. Boy, did he look like his father 

Finally, all of the guests have arrived. Bilinda started feeling something for her former step-sister, Brittney Goth. Is it wrong to like a former step-sibling? Maybe, depending on how you look at it. However, Bilinda couldn't help but feel something for her. She took Brittney to an isolated part of the party and kissed her 

While they were getting cozy with each other, it was time for Upton to make a wish and blow out his candles 

Here he is, Upton Nagi 

Hmmm...this family has fabulous genes. 

The party was still kicking. Bilinda was puking outside. Maybe she had too much to drink?

The party soon came to a close with no other contact for Bilinda with Brittney. The next day at school, she was thinking about Brittney an awful lot. But...Bilinda couldn't help but wonder if this love could be wrong. 

Either way, Bilinda got dressed up and invited Brittney over. She had to at least see if maybe Brittney felt the same way. That drunken party kiss could have meant absolutely nothing. Ever hear of Girls Gone Wild? Yeah, people do things like that all the time just because they're either too smashed, or they get to have their face out there for a chunk of infamy. 
When Brittney arrived, they went into Bilinda's room for some seclusion. It was there that Brittney reciprocated Bilinda's feelings 

Clearly, there was something here for these two. They decided to keep their relationship a bit hush-hush until they feel safe and comfortable with other people's reactions. Sadly, this world is still filled with closed  minds and ideals. 

After Brittney had gone home, Bilinda worked up the courage to tell her mother. She wasn't sure how her mother would react. They've never really spoken about romance much together. She wasn't even sure if her mother would accept her, but she took the plunge and told her mother of the immense love she felt for Brittney

Thankfully, her mother hugged her and said she was happy for Bilinda. As long as she was in a loving relationship, that was all that mattered. She'd stand behind her daughter no matter what 

It also didn't hurt that Fiona liked Brittney. 

Bilinda called up Brittney and told her the good news. They were happy with the support. Bilinda decided to take Brittney out to the Aquarius to celebrate 

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