Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 11: All About Upton

After the Wedding was of course time for the honeymoon. Upton said he'd look after Zak at home, and both of them would unpack their things and get settled into their house.

Bilinda and Brittney found a nice honeymoon spot right in Sunset Valley. It was a peaceful and secluded log cabin that had a pretty sweet hot tub 

Back on the homefront, Upton noticed a cute new neighbor girl. He decided it would be in his best interest to introduce himself to her. Coincidentally, her name was Fiona 

Upton invited her over to his place to chat a bit. Fiona told him that she was a struggling pianist who had a day job at the Bistro as a dishwasher. But it appeared that Fiona was interested in more than casual conversation. She was a flirty one, who kept batting her pretty lashes at Upton every chance she could 

Upton and Fiona said their goodbyes since she had a shift to make. 

The next day, Upton was watching television where he was watching a man speak about how he became a billionaire. It is official. Upton's interest has piqued 

Watching this guy, Upton realizes that is exactly what he wants. The money, the posh house and the fancy top tiered family. Upton has always been a bit business savvy. He has had a job at the bookstore since his teens, where he had gotten several promotions and raises. This was something that was achievable to Upton, however he wasn't going to get anywhere while working part-time at a bookstore. He promptly quit his job. His dream now is to be a CEO of the Doo Peas Corporation. 

Deciding his fate, Upton realizes the lame, powder blue, cheap car salesman outfit wasn't going to fly. If he walked into that corporation dressed like that, he would be laughed out of the building. And rightfully so. He quickly changed into some groovy new threads 

After he increased his wardrobe value, he went on down to the Corporation and landed a job 

Upon arriving home, Upton felt very proud and happy about his new promising future. He decides to flip through some family albums to pass the time

As he was flipping through and reveling in all of the fond memories of his childhood, Upton noticed a piece of paper. He curiously flipped it over, where in his mother's handwriting, was the name, phone number and address of Upton's biological father, Youssef Nagi. 
Growing up, Upton never gave the matter of his genealogy much thought. He was quite content with his mother and siblings. He felt loved throughout his life, and never felt the need to dig further under the surface for his biological father. But since this opportunity literally fell into his lap, Upton wasn't going to let it fly by. He noticed the address was a place in Egypt. Currently, no one is allowed to leave the country indefinitely. Seeing the number, Upton decides to give that a shot. Lord only knows how old this number is, but it could still be viable. Nervous, Upton dialed the number

While the phone was ringing, Upton was thinking about all of the possible outcomes. Did he really do the right thing by dialing the number? What if his biological father didn't even remember him? While Upton was considering hanging up the phone, someone answered

When he heard a male voice on the other line say hello, Upton anxiously asked if there was a man named Youssef Nagi there. The voice answered, and said he was Youssef. Upton had a little pause since he wasn't sure how to explain who he was. He decided the best way was to just come out and say it. He told Youssef that Fiona Monahan was his mother, and he had more than sufficient proof that Youssef was his father 

Youssef said that he remembered Fiona, as if he had just seen her the day before. She was a saucy one, and her memory has never left his mind. Discussing the paternity, Youssef explained that he was a ladies man in his heyday. In fact, that was how Fiona had even heard of the Nagi name. Years of being a ladies man, Youssef explained that he has since changed his ways. In fact, he had been searching for Fiona's number for a while now so he could get into contact with the son he had never met, and to maybe see if any of the sparks were still there between himself and Fiona. Upton sadly explained that Fiona has since passed of a freak accident not too long ago. Saddened by the news, Youssef told Upton he wanted a relationship with him. Upton was happy and said he'd call often, at least until traveling abroad is allowed once more. Once hanging up, Upton felt amazing. He now had a father in his life, even if was just over the phone. 


  1. awwww. OMG the bed made me laugh hysterically. Upton a grown man sleeping in those sheets. *giggles*

    I love it.

  2. Great Update - story is getting better as you go.