Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 5: Goodbyes, Weddings and more Birthday Wishes

Upton's baby time was finally up. Fiona wasn't much of a party person, so only herself, Bilinda and Mort were present when little Upton finally could be let out of those uncomfortable blankets

Fiona couldn't help but notice that he got a lot of Youssef's good looks.  Since Upton was only here from a business deal type of thing, Fiona wasn't worried at all about informing Youssef of any of the happenings. This guy has a ton of kids, and it's doubtful he keeps up with any of them.

But Upton wasn't the only one with a birthday. His older sister, Bilinda was now growing into a child

Fiona was feeling ill the other night, and yes, it's true. Another little baby is on the way. Before you start thinking it could be Conor's, no that's out of the question. Once Fiona saw that ring on his finger, he was promptly kicked to the curb. It could be non other than a new baby Goth in the making. 

The first person told was Bilinda. Bilinda wasn't even old enough to remember her mother pregnant with Upton, but she really wanted to feel around for some major kicking action going on in her mom's stomach with her new little brother/sister

Mort had a great job. He worked in the business tower and his hours were great. He worked all morning, but came home in the early afternoon. Fiona told him about the pregnancy soon after he walked through the door 

He was a bit taken aback. Children weren't in the game plan for a while, and he would have preferred it happened after the wedding. 
But such is life......
Mort told Fiona they were going to up the wedding so they'd be husband and wife before the baby was born. Much to her surprise, Mort was a bit old fashioned when it came to babies and marriage. Go figure. 

With news of the wedding being bumped up, Fiona wanted to visit the graveyard. She hasn't been married since Spencer. Heck, she still even had his last name. Changes were imminent. She had to see him one last time before she tied the knot for the second time 


Since Mort has been doing fairly well at the office, Fiona bought a new club that came into Sunset Valley called the Grind. Even though that's not really a place for a wedding, Fiona booked her and Mort's union there. Everyone was having a great time dancing around on the floor and even the tables 

After a bit of fun on the dance floor, it was time to officiate the wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Goth. It has a nice ring to it. Once they were officially husband and wife, Mort had a bit too much to drink at the bar. So much so, the fool actually tried to set off fireworks in the building 

When everyone was heading home, Fiona felt a very familiar feeling. She was in labor. The hospital was closer than their house, so they rushed into the hospital. Once there, Fiona gave birth to another baby boy. He was named Sparrow Goth

Onto other things of a trivial matter. Fiona could not stand to see Mort with the hair and clothes he had been wearing for the entire time they've been together. Now that they were married, she felt the right to finally be able to tell him what she really thought. She dragged him around town, giving him the biggest makeover of his life

Boom. That looks MUCH better. 

While Bilinda has been getting used to having a stepfather, she's been painting a lot. With that money she's made off of her paintings, she bought herself a toy oven. She is a very ambitious little girl. She's been dreaming of becoming a chef when she's older

The next day was Bilinda's very first day of elementary school. After school had let out, Mort picked her up, but he also picked up another little girl, whose name is Brittney.

When they all walked in through the door, Mort introduced her as his daughter from his previous marriage. 

A bit shocked, Fiona started playing with the girl. She really wanted a relationship with her stepdaughter 

Seems as though Brittney is taking a liking to Fiona. She's never laughed so hard in her life! 

This family is FINALLY coming together. 

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  1. Morty didn't mention he had a daughter already? Not fair Mr Goth.