Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 22: Training and a Happy Birthday

Today is a bit different for Zak. He's been meeting up with several military personnel and touring the military base. Speaking with those men and women, Zak decided to pursue the military full force. Now, he's training on his weight machine so he can be ready for the physicality of this profession 

Once Zak pushed himself to where he couldn't go any further, he decided to take his break from training at Ericka's house. Zak's family had met Ericka, so Zak felt like he should introduce himself to Ericka's family. He first introduced himself to her mother. WARNING THE NEXT PICTURE IS NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH. THE MOTHER IS VERY ICKY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Oi....being the daughter of Gobias Koffi sure took it's toll on her face. Moving on....Zak then introduced himself to Ericka's stepfather, Aleksey Bachelor. Upon meeting, Zak took it upon himself to schmooze with him. If the couple was going to last, he had to make a good impression

Zak then made his way upstairs to introduce himself to Ericka's brother, Dewayne. Funny, it appears that Dewayne is dating Zak's aunt Brooklynn Dupre

With the formal introductions out of the way, Zak and Ericka got cozy with each other on the couch. Zak even stole a kiss or two

It was two days before Brittney's birthday in which she'd be an adult. Sounds like a midlife crisis is calling. Anyway, Bilinda decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her wife. After she and Fiona got off work, they started discussing the menu they were planning for the birthday. They also went on to discuss the people they felt should be invited 

Back at home, Brittney and Zak were enjoying a lengthy conversation. Turns out, both of them are conspiracy nuts. Zak and Brittney agree that "the man" is trying to kill them off with hazardous materials in their everyday life 

Brittney started complimenting Zak on his dedication to the military and admired his athletic prowess

Flattered, Zak offered to train Brittney, free of charge. Brittney decided getting in shape would be a good idea. When the workout commenced, Brittney was in immediate pain. She was a couch potato. Moving all of these muscles at once were killing her. Seeing her in pain, Zak kept encouraging her to keep going. Brittney completed until she was almost passed out on the floor

The workout gave Brittney three skill points, and she couldn't wait to brag to Bilinda about it. For the first time in their lives, Brittney and Zak hugged each other. Brittney thanked him for the training, and Zak said he'd be more than happy to train her again, if she wanted 

When Brittney had heard Bilinda pulled up to the house, she called her upstairs. She HAD to brag about her day. Bilinda had finally come up to the room and Brittney was bragging how Zak was beginning to turn her into a sports nut. Bilinda was happy the two were finally bonding and found common ground

Meanwhile, Zak was planning a romantic date for himself and Ericka. Zak had set up a picnic by the secluded beach, just for the two of them

After they ate, Zak massaged Ericka and kissed her goodbye

When Zak arrived home, he noticed that Bilinda was making Brittney's favorite flavor of Nectar

Quickly shifting gears, Bilinda told Zak that she was running late for work and needed him to do something for her. She asked if he could go to the store and buy some groceries so that she could make Brittney's favorite meal for her birthday. The dinner was going to be grilled salmon with baked angel food cake for dessert. 

Zak went to the grocery store and picked up everything on his mothers list. But Zak was really pressed on what to pick up for Brittney for a gift. That's when inspiration hit, and he took off down the street to buy her something.

The next day rolled by, and Bilinda had tons to do to prepare for the party. She thought it would be for the best to cook everything now so she wouldn't be pressed for time when the guests would start showing up

This was also the first time that Bilinda would be making baked angel food cake. If she screwed it up, there would be no time for a second attempt. Thankfully, it came out perfect 

As the hours passed, it was now time for the surprise birthday party. Seeing all of her family and friends, Brittney was very happy that she got a lovely surprise party. But, now it was time to blow out the candles 

After the party was over and the guests went home, Zak walked over to Brittney, hugged her and wished her a happy birthday. Zak then handed Brittney her gift, which was every single music sheet for the piano. Brittney had mastered the skill a long while ago, and had been wanting to learn more. She thanked Zak for his gift and walked over to the piano to start learning the new pieces 

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