Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 3: Birthday and Babies

It has now been close to a year since Spencer died, which means it's now Bilinda's first birthday. 
Fiona decided it would just be a quiet one. Nothing too special. Other things are filling her head. She hates to be a downer, but when your child shares their birthday the day that your other half tragically passes, it's hard to be giddy and happy about it. 

The evening comes, and Fiona got a little cake for Bilinda. She couldn't eat it, but hey, it is a birthday after all. Fiona let Declan do the honers of blowing out the candles for Bilinda, and she aged into an adorable  tot 

Fiona thought that Bilinda looked more like her grandmother more than anything else. She was hoping to see a bit of Spencer in her face. It would have helped ease things for her. But, people can't choose their genes. She still thought her daughter was beautiful.

After a bit of celebrating, Fiona wasted no time with teaching Bilinda her skills. She wants her daughter to be a smart person. A bit ahead of the curve, if you will 

Days have passed, and Bilinda has learned everything a toddler could possibly learn. Fiona was a proud and beaming mother. She may have been biased, but she felt like her daughter was one of the most bright children she's ever seen.

Fiona now is feeling a bit of a longing feeling.....she wants another baby. If Spencer were still alive, she knows they would have had a bit of a large family. It was a dream they both shared. Now, she was all on her own. So, what's a girl to do? She doesn't want to feel like she's left Spencer's memory in the dust, but she knows she also has to move on, it's what he would have wanted. Living in the past would just make her miss out on everything life has to offer. 

While man shopping, Fiona has heard from a lot of ladies that there's a man in Egypt that is quite the romancer. Intrigued, Fiona asked for a name. The name she received was Youssef Nagi. She's not sure how much of a good catch a master romancer could be, especially since women from all over the world buy expensive tickets just for a chance to hook up with him. Fiona decides she'll just go there for a good time.

Off to Egypt she went, leaving Bilinda with Declan and Lao. 
Once Fiona's feet hit Egyptian ground, she scoured the land for Youssef. After she found him, she was feeling a bit gutsy. She asked if he wouldn't mind maybe getting her pregnant. Youssef agreed almost immediately after she said it. With a look of shock on her face, he explained. Women from all over the world come to Youssef for children. He goes off and talks about how everyone loves his genes and would love to have the perfect baby with him. So, he's a professional baby-maker. That's good to know. Looks like there is zero chance of romance here. Regardless, Fiona came here on a mission. She told him she had a tent, and they better get to business since she doesn't have too many days to spend in Egypt

After a few more times in the tent, Fiona was positive that she was pregnant. She left Egypt with a handshake from the man that she hoped fathered her next baby. It was odd, paying for this kind of stuff. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Arriving home, Fiona felt horribly sick to her stomach and started puking 

Fiona felt like she had hit the gold mine. She knew this was morning sickness. She couldn't wait to see the impending bump that was surely soon to come.

The next day, she did discover her bump and she was the most happy woman on earth 

Fiona was happy to be pregnant again. She had a lovely daughter, and having a son was her next dream to accomplish. She knew that Bilinda would be an excellent older sister. 

Everyone in the house was excited for a new addition to the family. Lao was especially happy 

Lao and Declan were ready for a family of their own. Weeks of trying, they themselves were finally pregnant with their first baby 

Lao and Declan both reassured Fiona that they would move out once their baby is born. They wouldn't want to crowd the house with their own family. Fiona agreed that would be for the best. She didn't want to think of her brother leaving, so she decided to just enjoy the time that they had together. 

Outside, Fiona suddenly went into labor 

Having had a home birth with Bilinda, Fiona opted for yet another home birth

She gazed into her new sons eyes, and a name jumped into her mind. This little fella was gonna be Upton Nagi. 

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  1. An interesting way to introduce a second child to the house. I was expecting a more permanent partner. :)