Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 26: Whirl Away

Once Zak returned home from the library, he asked Ericka if she'd like to go to France for a late honeymoon

Ericka answered yes pretty quickly after he had asked. She really wanted to go to France. It seemed to be her style. They quickly were on their way to France.

When their feet touched French soil, Zak took Ericka to the Nectary. Though, they had arrived a bit too early, seeing as no one was even behind the register. Passing the time, Zak was browsing the Nectar racks while Ericka was introducing herself to the locals.

A clerk had finally showed up and Ericka bought the most expensive bottle of Nectar available. As soon as the Nectar made it's way into her hands, she poured some. She couldn't wait to taste it

Ericka made her way downstairs into the tasting area to sit and sip on her Nectar. While Zak was waiting for her to finish up, he heard a woman singing in French and thought she sounded beautiful

Being a guy who liked to try new things, he asked the woman if she wouldn't mind teaching him some French songs. Surprisingly enough, he didn't sound too bad

When Ericka finished her Nectar, Zak took her out to a Cafe to get something to eat. Yeah, you might be thinking that they'd get some fancy foreign French food, but they opt to get some hot wings. Hot wings....with forks

Soon, they went to some shops to buy some things for the family. One of the things that they had bought was a tent. Ericka was being rather frisky and decided she and Zak would woohoo in it 

The shopping and woohooing was over, and they headed back to base camp. There, Zak asked if she'd be willing to start having a family with him

Ericka listened, and calmly said that she felt like they weren't ready for that step just yet. But it would happen for them one of these days

With that, Zak dropped the subject. He didn't want to pressure or smother Ericka with something as heavy as having a baby.

Day one was now over. Zak had looked at the map and realized that he and Ericka had seen and done everything that was exciting in France. He waited for Ericka to wake up and said that he thought it was about time that they'd head home. Ericka agreed, as the Nectary was the only thing she was interested in. The two packed their bags and traveled home.

Arriving home, Zak gave everyone their gifts. Bilinda got a fancy vase, Brittney got an incense burner and Minco and Nita got photography books for when they're older. Bilinda was curious about their trip and asked Ericka how it went. She said she enjoyed seeing the sites and indulging herself in a different culture 

When Zak went upstairs, he realized that he had made it home just in time. Today was his first day on the job. He was a bit jet lagged, but he wouldn't show it. He was bound and determined to impress on his first day 


  1. Hot wings with forks? What is wrong with this world?

  2. I like eating Pancakes in China... with chopsticks!

    If you have a child with someone from Shang Simla, they will eat everything with chopsticks! Whats weirder... hotwings with fork or chipsticks :P