Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 30: Break Your Little Heart

Results are in. NOT the father. Heartbroken, he dropped off Olivia at the house and drove over to the Bistro and waited for his mother to get off work. He couldn't help but break into tears once he started thinking about Liv. She was his little angel until this point

Once Bilinda's shift ended, he told her the news. She was sad, but not necessarily surprised. Zak then went into a bit of a rage and Bilinda did her best to calm him down. But finding out your child isn't really yours must be indescribable

Enough is enough. Zak needs to know who the father is. His only clue to finding the paternity was that phone call he had received by a woman named Gracie. The town is very small. More than likely, there aren't going to be many Gracie's running around. To search, Zak went home and onto his computer to search the town archives for any woman named Gracie

Bingo. There's only one woman in town with the name Gracie, and that's Gracie Langerak. The search disclosed a phone number, which Zak jotted down.

Zak was exhausted by the end of the day. Too many emotions were in him and he promptly headed for bed. But there will be a surprise in store for Ericka in the morning.

The next day, Zak had woken pretty early. He didn't hesitate for a moment. Zak told Ericka to meet him at City Hall. Once there, Zak announced that he was going to be filing for divorce

Ericka was flabbergasted. She never thought in a million years that Zak would dump her. Soon after the yelling and finger wagging was over, Ericka hightailed it home.

After Ericka was gone, Zak took out a piece of paper with Gracie Langerak's number and dialed. He asked her if she wouldn't mind coming to City Hall to straighten a few things out with her ex's mistress. Gracie hesitated for a minute, but ultimately agreed to meet up at City Hall.

Zak had never seen this woman before, but he knew she was in the early-mid stages of her pregnancy. Looking for a woman in maternity wear was all he had to go on to flag her down. Minutes passed, but then he saw a woman in maternity wear walking up the stairs. She must be Gracie

Zak approached her and she was indeed Gracie. After chatting for a few, he asked her who her ex was. She replied with Emanuel Alvi. She then offered to show Zak his house and he agreed. There was one huge question that he needed an answer to before he went any further with anything

Once they arrived, Gracie kindly walked next door to a friends house to offer the men some privacy. Zak walked up to the door and rang the bell. He wasn't sure how to...ask or even strike up the conversation that he needed to. But it was too late for backing out now. Emanuel answered the door and the two shook hands while they walked inside

Inside the spacious house, Zak started speaking about Ericka. Emanuel started getting smug and admitted he had a pretty steamy affair with her. Zak informed him that she was pregnant and had recently given birth to presumably his child. Emanuel was a little shocked. No wonder Ericka hadn't shown her face recently. She stopped coming by once the pregnancy had happened. The timeline fit perfectly. Emanuel owned up and said he was obviously the father of that child.

Zak had one important question to ask Emanuel. And that is: Do you want to be a part of Olivia's life?
Emanuel laughed a bit and said he wasn't sure. He didn't want to right now, but it was a door that he wasn't ready to close all of the way just yet

And with that, Zak left. He just had to know for sure where the biological father stood before he'd go down to the courts and file for sole custody. His name was on the birth certificate, not Emanuel's. Therefore, Zak had some rights over her. But he didn't want to overstep if the biological father wanted her. With the answer, Zak went back to City Hall to file for custody of Olivia

Back on the homefront, Ericka is sobbing. Not for the end of her marriage, not for Zak, not for her daughter and not for Emanuel....but for herself. She knows that Zak wont let her stay in the house for too much longer. Being kicked out of the Mansion with no more riches at her fingertips was breaking her heart

Once home, Zak told Ericka to hit the bricks. Uh oh...this came a bit sooner than she thought. And one more thing he told her was that he had sole custody of Olivia and Ericka had not even a visitation right on the table as of now. Ericka wasn't sure how to feel other than shocked. On one hand, this was cruel of Zak to do to her, on the other, she was relieved. She never wanted children anyway. But she knew Olivia made Zak happy and that was one thing she never wanted him to be

There was one more thing Zak had to buy Ericka before he got rid of her for good, and that was a house. He couldn't kick her out with nowhere to go. That didn't sit right with him. So, he bought her a one bedroom shack in the middle of freakin' nowhere. BOOM! She just got served her worst nightmare.

Ericka was silent on her way out of the door. She couldn't believe this was really happening to her. She once had it all- A doting husband, a Mansion, several expensive cars, hot tubs, restaurants, and so much more. Now all that was left to her was a stupid cramped shack. She is shooting for revenge one of these days. Zak better watch his back.

But once Ericka drove away, Zak was relieved. The poison had finally been expelled. He could move on, and he still got to keep his precious Liv


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