Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 31: All that I Need

Since the divorce, Zak has kept pretty much to himself. Even though Ericka wasn't who he thought that he married, the collapse of their marriage still hurt. But he's a lucky man to still have Olivia. He even went out and bought a stroller so they could walk around town together. First thing the next morning, Zak got Olivia and they went for a stroll through the new playground the town had received 

While there, Zak's cell phone started to ring. It was Deena Keaton, one of his old friends from High School. Deena was calling because she had heard the news of Zak's divorce. She wanted to make sure that he was okay and that she had a new girl training at the hospital with her. Deena said that she looked very much Zak's type and she wanted to set them up, all three would meet at the Grind and get to know each other. Zak listened...but wasn't sure if he was ready yet to start in the dating scene again. But he agreed anyway. 
Tonight- The Grind
Dates name- Lotta

Zak was nervous, yet thrilled. He had been with Ericka since they were teenagers. Now he's a single father. Dating was different now. Not only did he have to think about who he'd like, but who he could trust with Liv. He took Liv and walked home. He has some serious preparation to do. He had to at least bathe before he went.

Deena called. She was feeling under the weather and said she had to go to the doctor for some tests later tonight. She said the setup for the date would now have to be a blind date. Figures....nothing seems to be going right anyway. But Zak kept the date with Lotta. He had to at least give her a chance. 

At roughly 7, Zak headed to the Grind. When he walked in, only two people were there. A man and a woman. Safe bet would be that Lotta was the woman out of the two. He looked at her before he introduced himself and thought she was simply stunning. And there was something so mysterious about her....

Zak walked over to her and handed her a bouquet of white roses. Lotta was thirlled! White roses were her most favorite flower

Zak and Lotta danced the whole night away. There was no doubt there was chemistry between the two. Zak leaned in and kissed her

The date came to a close. Both of them had to be at work early in the morning. Before they parted ways for the evening, Zak asked if she would like to go on a second date tomorrow, at the beach. She happily accepted and they both headed to their homes. 

Back at home, Atepa had a birthday 

Looks like good ol' grandpa Mort. 

Atepa expressed interest in boarding school. For art, more specifically. Thinking about it, Bilinda and Brittney decided it would be best for her to go to France to learn all there is about art. It was hard for them, but Atepa's future is the most important thing. The next morning, Atepa hopped in a cab and made her way to the airport to fly into France 

Later in the evening, Zak headed to the beach for his second date with Lotta. They sat on the beach stargazing with each other

No doubt these two were smitten with each other. Zak loved that Lotta was a nurturing woman. She cared a lot about people and she was great with kids. He knew Liv would be safe with her. And her mellow personality was terrific to be around. 

Before the date ended, Zak had something on his mind that he wanted to ask Lotta. Once the two got up, he meekly asked if she would like to be his new girlfriend 

Lotta giggled a bit at the nervous tone in Zak's voice and she said she'd love to be in a relationship with him

Zak asked if she wouldn't mind coming over for a little bit to meet his family. And more importantly, his mother. Off they went to the Monahan's. It took longer than they had expected to make it home. Surprisingly, there was a lot of traffic. The kids were already in bed and Brittney worked late hours at the graveyard. Only Bilinda was up and around.

Zak walked up to his mother with Lotta in tow and introduced them to each other

Bilinda and Lotta chatted for a bit. About ten minutes later, Lotta had to go home to bed since she had early shifts at the hospital. Once she left, Bilinda said she liked her. She liked her a lot. She could tell Lotta was a sweet woman. 

Maybe Zak will finally get the woman of his dreams. 

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  1. Ah cute, but it happened so fast. Is she worthy of Zak's love?