Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapter 33: Where It's At

The next night after the two got off work, Zak took Lotta to the Bistro to discuss wedding details. Over spaghetti and cheesesteak, the two decided to ask Zak's mother to be their wedding planner

It was pretty late when the dinner ended. When Zak and Lotta walked through the Mansion doors, Zak asked if Lotta would like to sleepover 

Lotta agreed and the two got romantic. First woohoo ;)

Early the next morning, the pair woke up early to catch Bilinda. Bilinda soon made her way towards the stairs and the two made the announcement of their engagement. Bilinda was happy, but also a bit cautious. Ericka still pops in her mind every now and again, but she hugged her son anyway

Then the two asked if Bilinda wouldn't mind helping the decoration department. Bilinda agreed and said she'd make it 10x better than the wedding she helped plan for the skank ho Ericka 

Zak hurried off to work so he wouldn't be late. Bilinda asked Lotta if she and Zak had settled on a venue yet. Lotta thought about it and decided to pick the place where they had their second date, the quiet strip of beach on the opposite side of town. The two quickly drove off to the beach and started discussing details of the wedding

Lotta chose pale colors for all of the decor. At the end of their discussion, the beach ended up like this:

Once the decorating was done, Lotta scurried on home. Before Bilinda headed home, she called in a surprise Bachelor party for Zak.

Zak did come home to a surprise. When he walked through the door, his closest male friends (mainly made up of family members) had him dress up in this hideous get-up

After about an hour, a knock came at the door. When Zak answered, a woman announced that his friends payed for her to dance for him. Because Zak is in the military, they got a woman named Justine Thyme to dress up in camo gear and the dancing commenced 

The males seemed to approve of the entertainment 

Even though this Bachelor party was strictly for the males, Brittney ended up making her way down the stairs to drink with the guys. Brittney has never been one to drink, but she got smashed at the party. She was so drunk, that by the end of the night, she took a bottle of champagne and sprayed Zak with it 

The men bet that by the end of the night, Brittney would strip, hop on the counter and dance till she passed out. That never happened, but the party was a hit regardless. 

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  1. Lol. Loved the last bit. very funny. I'm glad you're enjoying it.