Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapter 36: A Whole Lotta Nothing

Zak packed up his family and their belongings. They got to a spacious 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home. There's going to be a lot of setting up to do

Zak redid everything. Carpeting, wallpaper, furniture, plumbing and everything else under the sun. Who knew Zak was so talented? Anyway, once everything was all said and done, Zak and Lotta took a second to get a bit frisky to celebrate everything.

Zak then took a moment out of his boring schedule to call up his family. Moving into a new house for the first time is a big deal. A party is set for later in the evening.

With Zak and Lotta still on honeymoon leave, their lives have been dull. Olivia is off in her corner of the world, Lotta is still trying to perfect her chemistry and Zak sat on the couch looking confused while watching Sim Survivor 

Hours passed into the evening. It was now officially party time. While Zak was shooting the breeze with family members, Lotta was introducing herself to her new family

The party eventually drew to a close. Lotta had to get to bed for her first day back at work in the morning. Poor Zak still had one more day of doing nothing to work through. Guess it'll be another Sim Survivor marathon for him.

When Lotta got off work, she noticed a very questionable woman standing outside of the hospital. It looks like someone was trying to hook it outside of a hospital. What an odd place to work it, but it looked like she got a gentleman anyway 

Moving on, Lotta got a call from Cedric Bunch. He heard that the last party at her house was amazing and asked if she would like to come over to liven up a party he was throwing. She agreed, but thought it was weird. She had nothing to do with the party. It was Zak's party. Oh well. 

When she got there, it was too dead to be saved. As soon as she walked in and examined the room, she walked right back out and went home. 

Good thing she did that, too. It was Haley's first birthday. When Lotta got home, she got to do the honors of bringing the baby to the cake 

Haley looked a lot like Zak. Dark hair. But her dark eyes must come from her grandmother Bilinda. She was too cute for words. 

When she aged, Lotta went to work on teaching her how to talk. It looks like her first word is chicken leg 

When Haley finally learned to speak, Zak taught her how to walk and also potty trained her. When tot-boot camp was over, Haley took out her doll that she named Hesper and held onto him for dear life 

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