Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapter 35: Eight Is Enough

After the honeymoon ended, Lotta and Zak settled into the Mansion. However, with eight people being cramped together, they felt like they should start looking for a place to move to. It wasn't going to be easy, though. Zak has grown to love being close to his mother. But he has his own family to take care of now.

Moving Lotta in was fairly simple and didn't take much time at all. Soon after she got cozy, she started working on her logic skills for her career. But she and Zak have been granted more than a week off for the honeymoon period

Moving from the chess table, Lotta went to swiftly working on her Chemistry knowledge

But while mixing foreign chemicals together, Lotta got nauseous and almost puked in a beaker. Thankfully, she made it to a bathroom in time 

Once the puking stopped, Lotta took a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. It comes back positive. Funny...Lotta hadn't been thinking about having children for a few more years. She and Zak must have been careless on their honeymoon. Feeling like she shouldn't tell Zak until it's a for sure-sure thing, she calls Bilinda to come into the bathroom.

When Bilinda walks in, she whispered that she may be pregnant and not to say a peep to anyone just yet

Bilinda agrees not to say one word. But she can't help but smirk a little. Having another new little baby around the house is something to look forward to. 

Lotta went back up to the attic to continue her chemistry studies. Possibly being pregnant didn't stop her from exposing herself to potentially hazardous materials. But while mixing things together, it finally happened. The pregnancy was a for sure thing- she started showing

Knowing that is was now 100% confirmed, Lotta yelled down the stairs for Zak 

Zak ran up as fast as he could. Right when he reached the top of the stairs, Lotta announced with a huge grin on her face, that they were expecting a new little baby 

Zak beamed ear to ear. He immediately put a hand to Lotta's stomach and said he was hoping for a boy. They already had Liv. But Lotta wanted to shoot for another daughter 

Zak had no idea that his mother had already suspected the big baby news, so he told Lotta that they better announce the pregnancy. Bilinda was a great actress and had her mouth agape when the news was repeated to her 

With news of an impending baby in an already cramped household, Zak and Lotta spoke to Bilinda and Brittney how they'd stay until the baby was born. During the pregnancy, they'd be scouting for potential houses but wouldn't make a buy until shortly after the birth. Bilinda and Brittney agreed to the arrangement. Bilinda really wanted to be there for the birth of her grandchild. She even offered them that they could stay, but they sweetly declined. Eight people plus a newborn doesn't sound like a good idea. Plus, they'd be adding to the family later on. There's no way they could all live under the same roof without wanting to kill each other. 

The next day, Lotta, Zak and Olivia went to the playground for a day of family bonding. Lotta played a bit with Liv, but needed to hand her over to Zak soon after. Her back was killing her with the pregnancy and the weight of holding a toddler made her hurt even more

Lotta stood behind Zak as he let Liv ride on the little horsey ride they had for tots 

Once it started getting dark, they headed on home. Liv was asleep and Zak was in the hot tub. Lotta was a study nerd and kept on studying her chemistry. Then all of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain. The baby was coming!

Hours of painful labor later, and their daughter, Haley Dobson was born 

Lotta called for Zak and Bilinda. The two ran up the stairs and were introduced to the newest little one. Grandma Bilinda snatched Haley and snuggled here. She wanted to spoil her rotten

The baby was then passed on back to Lotta as Zak told his mother they'd be packing in a few hours. They found a great house to live in. It was spacious at four bedrooms. They could certainly have enough space for a larger family. The only problem was that it was a ways away from the Mansion. But Zak promised that Bilinda and the rest of the family could pop in anytime they chose. 

The two hugged and said their heartfelt goodbyes 

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