Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chapter 32: Been There Before

*Note- Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was so excited playing that I barely have any pictures for this chapter. It was a dense move, but such is life. Read on. 

New day, new life stage. Today is Olivia's first birthday. Watching her grow from an infant and into a toddler has been a gratifying experience for Zak. For his daughter's first birthday, there's going to be a party.

Bilinda volunteered to make drinks for the adults and some food. She also bought the cake. Zak called to invite his friends and family. 

Once the party took place, Upton announced his divorce from Fiona. She wanted something more and different than from what Upton could offer. She immediately moved out and bought herself a few cars. Sounds like working with Fiona may be a bit..awkward or Bilinda.

When Deena showed, she announced her pregnancy. Zak decided to give her Olivia's stroller. After all, Deena was a new mom. 

As the party moved on, Zak took Liv downstairs and blew out her first birthday candle 

Olivia aged into a cute little tot

While everyone was eating cake, Zak led Lotta upstairs. He wondered in the back of his mind if he was moving too fast. His divorce was finalized recently and now he had a toddler to take care of. However, Zak felt he was in the right place in his life and with the right woman in his life. Moving quickly felt necessary. 

Once they reached the top of the stairs, Zak got down on one knee and proposed marriage to the love of his life

Lotta gasped when he opened the case and started getting teary-eyed. The ring was absolutely beautiful! 

She said yes to the proposal, and Zak slid the ring on her finger 

Once the ring was on, Lotta jumped into Zak's arms. While holding her, Zak told her to keep the engagement a secret for a few days. Announcing the engagement at a party in front of a huge crowd was not what Zak had in mind 

Still....there was a nagging voice in the back of Zak's mind wondering if maybe they were progressing at a fast pace. But on the other hand, it felt totally right to him. Lotta was a sweet woman who is on the fast track to an amazing medical career. Seeing her on paper, he couldn't point out any faults in her. 


  1. A-mazing. As you say if the story is good then pics aren't necessary. But why did you give away the stroller? It looks unnatural on infants but great with toddlers. Good think Zak's rich. ;)

  2. The stroller was ditched because they had another one. I have no clue how they got two....I'm thinking they stole the second one or something, haha.