Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapter 34: I Want the Moon and the Stars and the Whole Nine Yards

The wedding was scheduled at around 5. However, the bride-to-be seemed to have time troubles getting there. Once she got there, the sun was almost gone and a bulk of the guests went home peeved that they didn't see a wedding. 

However, the patient guests DID see a wedding. Hours later than promised, but at least it happened.

Zak and his family had waited a few hours for Lotta to show to get married. Zak thought that maybe he got stood up at the alter. But Lotta came sprinting down towards the alter. Apparently, she got caught up at work. Too bad she didn't use her cellphone to let the others, and more importantly the  groom, know that she was going to be a few hours late.

Anyway, when Lotta finally arrived, the two lovebirds exchanged vows and rings with only maybe three to five people out of the entire guest list watching 

Once that was all said and done with,  the two cut into a pretty amazing looking cake. Lotta thought it would be best to change out of her wedding dress during the cake eating and changed into her normal, everyday wear 

The wedding and the reception came to a close. For their honeymoon, they decided not to leave the country. Instead, the newlyweds went up to a secluded cabin to enjoy each other

Let's just hope they didn't have too much fun. 

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