Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chapter 38: They Say that PROMises Sweeten the Blow

It was now Thursday. Two days before prom. Nita decided to invite Collin over for dinner to introduce him to the family. Things are looking pretty serious for them. It wouldn't hurt getting him in good with the family. Nita decided to make Zak's favorite meal- autumn salad

Dinner is served. Collin showed up a few minutes later. Talk about perfect timing. The family sat down at the table and had nice dinner conversation. The topic was of course, Prom. Collin was a gentleman and asked Zak and Lotta's permission to take Nita to prom and to have a sleepover with their friends at his house. They liked how upfront and polite Collin was being. Given that, they agreed and continued with the dinner

After Collin left, Lotta took Nita to her bedroom. She asked Nita if she had had a prom dress picked out yet. Nita said no. She was still trying to figure that out. Lotta then offered to help her pick out a dress 

Nita accepted the offer. She needed to get a dress quick. Hours later, they finally found the one 

It was now Friday. After school, Nita took Liv and Haley to the park for some fun 

Nita left Liv at the park to keep playing with her little friend, Corrine. She and Haley went to go to the Mansion to visit Bilinda. Upon walking in the door, she hugged her mother and spoke about all of the good things happening in her life. She talks about the books she's written, the clothing designs she's sewn and of course, her relationship with Collin. Things were really working out for her at Zak's 

A few minutes later, Nita and Haley went on home. The visit with Bilinda was short and sweet. A part of Nita wishes she was home, but she's not ready for that yet.

Now, it's Saturday. Nita is beyond stoked for prom. To help get her mind off of it, she and the rest of the family went out back and had some slip n' slide fun

6 o'clock quickly came. It was now time for prom. Nita changed into her dress and hopped into the limo. She and Collin were having a great time at prom. Nita even won Prom Queen! She was so proud of herself. The fact that everyone voted for her meant a lot. 

After prom, Collin drove himself and Nita to his house for the sleepover. Hours passed and Nita asked why none of their friends were there. Collin said that was just a clever ruse to get Zak and Lotta to let her sleepover at his house. 

Soon, the discussion shifted. Collin became a bit more aggressive. He said Nita only won Prom Queen because he got everyone to vote for her. Without him, Nita was nothing. Because he essentially got her the crown, he demanded that she show thanks by woohooing. At first, Nita resisted. Who did he think he was? He threatened to break up with her if she didn't do what he said.

Nita loved Collin. She didn't want to lose him no matter what. Maybe it was dumb and naive of her, but she needed him. So she complied. They headed into his room and woohoo'd 

Collin immediately rolled over and went to sleep when they were done. Nita on the other hand couldn't. She felt awful about what had just happened. She couldn't sit next to him any longer. She went into the living room and lied down on the couch.

Lying there, she couldn't help but feel a huge wave of regret. She couldn't hold in the tears any longer

But she thought that this was a one-time deal. Collin couldn't do that again. He was too good for that. In the morning, Nita made breakfast for his whole family. She ate with them and then went on home.

Walking in the door, Lotta asked how prom went. Nita said she won Queen and had a blast. And their sleepover went alright. She couldn't tell Lotta the truth. Nita didn't want any trouble in her imaginary paradise.

Nita went over to the television and placed the picture of her and Collin on the stand and put her crown on a shelf in her room 

Lotta and Zak were happy for Nita. She had good friends and a great boyfriend. She won prom queen and was doing really well in school. Nita's life was one of envy. Things can only go up from here. 

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  1. I just finished reading all 38 chapters straight. XD I love it. =D I wonder if someone will be pregnant... =O