Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 39: Hide Away

Once Nita had woken up to start another day, she was in an awful mood. She looked at herself in the mirror and wanted a major change...image wise

Nita decided to dye her hair purple. It was one of her top favorite colors...why not have your hair that color? 

As normal, Nita is going over to Collin's house. Imagining a day spent without him..she can't even fathom it. Upon entering the house, Collin was in a stank mood himself. He saw Nita's new hair and went for her jugular.

He said she looked like and idiotic loser and she better change it back this instant. Also, the glasses were hurting his image. They needed to be gone as well

Nita complied. She didn't want any trouble. Sure, Collin was showing his true colors. But, Nita never once thought anything of it. Maybe she deserved the treatment. She loves Collin. Maybe should could change him, or she could just put up with it because she cared for the Collin she knew in the early beginning of their relationship. Either which way, she was sticking around. She went into the bathroom and about an hour of work, her hair was back the way Collin wanted it

But that wasn't all Collin wanted. He wanted some more woohoo time with her. Nita said no this time. It wasn't something she felt ready for. That one time the night of prom was enough. But he started yelling at her. Nita was surprised at how angry he was getting over not being able to control her like a little puppet 

But she still held her ground. Out of nowhere, Collin did the unthinkable. He started hitting Nita

Nita couldn't believe it. He threatened more if she wouldn't do as she's told. She just looked at Collin, completely heartbroken. But she didn't think there was a way out of this. She did what was told of her 

Later in the night when Collin and his family were sleeping, Nita meekly went into the bathroom. She needed herself a good cry. The shock and the hurt was finally setting in. She just wanted to be alone

Once the tears stopped, Nita went to the mirror to wash her makeup off her face and get ready to get back home. It was then that she noticed the bruise that appeared under her eye overnight 

Did he really hit her that hard? It was a fact Nita wanted to ignore. This couldn't be happening to her. She never once had an issue in her quiet life. And of course she couldn't go home and let Lotta and Zak see her bruise. Nita quickly washed up and covered the bruise with some makeup and she was on her way home, with none the wiser

After about 10 minutes back home, Zak asked for Nita to go to the store for him. He was planning a huge party to celebrate his promotion at work

Nita said it was no problem. She needed to go to the store anyway. She was feeling ill and she knew all too well that that could mean a pregnancy. A test was desperately needed to put her mind at ease. Of course she didn't say that to Zak. No one was to find out about the possibility of a pregnancy. 

Nita bought multiple brands of testing to be sure. She was in such a hurry, that she forgot one in the grocery bag that she put on the counter for Zak

Zak went and took all of the groceries out of the bag. But then he noticed a pregnancy test. Of course it wasn't Nita's, so he asked Lotta if she told Nita to get one for her

Meanwhile, Nita was lying on her bed in a depressive state

The test came back positive. Nita was pregnant. What was she going to do? She had options out there....but they were all so overwhelming to look at. Was she even ready to be a mother, and a good one at that? To make herself feel a little bit better, Nita hopped in the bathroom for a hot shower. 

Back over with Lotta, she said she never asked for one. Zak's eyes bulged out of his head in disbelief. There was NO way Nita would do that. But there was no one else in the house for it to be. 

Hearing the shower stop, they gave Nita a few minutes to get dressed. After that, they barged in and noticed her black eye. Seeing their faces, Nita knew there was no more hiding. All of the pieces perfectly fit together now. Nita buried her head in Lotta's shoulder and started sobbing. Nita felt so much shame. But there was no turning back the clock now

Unfortunately, the guests for the party had begun to show up. And even more unfortunate was Collin was on the guest list. Knowing what he did to his sister, Zak ran out and found Collin. He called Collin every name in the book and told him he better stay away from Nita. If he saw him ever again, he would be a dead man. Collin was shook up, but wasn't too scared. After all, his mommy was on the police force. If charges were ever pressed against him, they would more than likely be swept under the carpet. And with that, Collin and Nita were done and over with

The party eventually came to an end. Zak and Lotta wanted to talk to Nita about her options. They'd back her 100% with whatever decision she'd make about what do to with the baby. They even said they'd have no problem letting her raise it there with them. They'd help out the best they could

Nita said she appreciated it. She would need some more time to think, but that at the moment, she'd love to be alone. There was so much to absorb and to take in. Lotta and Zak understood and left her in her room. 

Nita wasn't sure about anything anymore

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